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A docufilm describing live navigation, which is perhaps what was really missing in yachting: this is the 1,000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The real emotion that passes from the skin of those who experienced it, to the eyes of you, the readers. You know just as well what the sea is and its discovery, but curiosity, we know, is as insatiable as everyone’s desire to share his own experience at sea.

1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea also means offering exceptional added value. The cruise represents the test bench where we put all those nautical accessories that are indispensable during navigation to the test. We guide readers on what is best to choose for their boat and what is not, and advice is always welcome in this case.

With the 1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea we then tirelessly fulfil our primary vocation as on-board journalists, committed to sharing the documentation collected at sea and informing our readers in a workmanlike manner.

The navigation, we would like to specify, is real, throughout the 1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea. And it is designed to draw up those irreplaceable nautical guides with the navigation itineraries and to enrich our Online Pilot Book, an inexhaustible source of information for the thousands of owners who use it on their cruises.

The experience of the 1000 miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea Docufilm1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea in 38 days of sailing obviously includes the account of facts and episodes, experienced and narrated personally by the founder of an established project, the result of Luca D’Ambrosio’s farsightedness: “There are many ways of doing nautical journalism, there are those who choose to report news from an office desk, and those, like us, who just cannot give up the smell of the sea. For some time we have been looking for a format that would allow our readers to fully appreciate the beauty of sailing and that would encourage more and more people to get involved in boating, the most beautiful activity in the world”.

The destinations towards which we have turned the Daydreamer’s bow can be summed up as the best scenery in the Tyrrhenian Sea, expertly captured by filming from the open sea, on board, or off shore.

In the docufilm we point out the coves where you should anchor your yacht at least once in your life. From Varazze before reaching the gateway to the Tyrrhenian Sea, there is Porto Venere, then the Daydreamer enters the heart of the Mare nostrum on the island of Capraia at Cala di Ceppo. The island of Elba and the marine paradise of Giannutri.

1000 miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea DaydreamerDepartures in the pinkish dawn and arrivals at sunset with those special reflections that only the Tyrrhenian Sea can paint, blurring its colours on the magical cliffs of Palmarola. And the tufa rocks of Ponza sculpted like works of art. How much spectacle the Tyrrhenian Sea has to offer.

And where are the best shelters and how can you relive the emotions in Lucia Rossa Bay? All the answers are revealed in this unique docufilm. Then there are the Aeolian islands, windy Sardinia and wild Corsica, so much beauty to tell.

A thousand miles that contribute marvellously to the more-than-exhaustive ‘nautical’ purpose of this substantial volume, which is also Yacht Digest. Once again we have repeated the great cruise, carried out with great energy but with respect for the environment, simply floating, pushed by the wind to tell the story of that necessary instinct that is sailing.

From the 1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea come to life, in the form of articles, up-to-date nautical guides and tests of accessories installed on board. Valuable content that, published in our magazines, is and will be of help to the navigation and choices of the many owners who read our magazines every day. – To quote Luca D’Ambrosio verbatim. Magazines born from the passion of those who have chosen the sea as their job.  


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