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It’s not Christmas  but if you are looking for a gift for a sea lover (or for yourself) we recommend 1492 Sailing: a small business producing accessories and furniture with recycled sails. From iPad covers to bags, from chairs to pillows, 1492 Sailing proposes lots of ideas for all budgets. On their website we have already found our favourite items: a pair of marine-style bags, ideal for weekends, and a folder which, although it is made with a sail, has a very urban look (smartphone and tablet covers are available, too)


Sailing-1492 borsa

Sailing-1492 sacca


If you want to bring a bit of sea to your home you can choose among many sail fabric or cotton pillows, beach and director chairs.


Sailing-1492 cuscini

sedia da regista




1492 Sailing items are all handmade produced with recycled sails, combined with dacron, ecological leather and cotton. The skill in material processing is the result of a long experience in the nautical field and in the production of musical instrument covers, furniture and leather processing.

The workshop moved from Genoa to Cuneo but sea is always near because, you know, passion is so important as experience: working an old sail means to respect its small imperfections, to understand that it shields a story and the meaning for the person who will have it. 1492 Sailing reveals its passion by paying a lot of attention to details. But if you want to express your passion in a more special way, you can ask for customized items: 1492 Sailing will suggest you the best design and materials (maybe the old sails of your boat).

laboratorio 1492 sailing

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