The 2022 of Fiart: an unstoppable record-breaking year

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A memorable 2022 for Fiart: production is at the highest level and internationalization has also extended its sales borders to the USA.

2022 was a very memorable year for Fiart. A record-breaking year for the company, which saw a considerable increase in production, the presentation of the P54 model at the Cannes Yachting Festival just over a year ago, and the internationalization of its sales network with the debut, last February, in the United States.

Fiart belongs to a solid group, also operating in other sectors. For more than 60 years, however, the yacht manufacturing division has been committed to designing breathtaking units. From the very beginning, Fiart specialized in the design and construction of motor yachts that stand out for their careful attention to detail and space arrangement.

Over the years the designs have changed, the technology has advanced, but the soul of the company has remained the same. The figures speak for themselves: in the 2021-2022 season, Fiart recorded a significant increase in production and this year alone accounted for almost 30% of the entire group’s profits.

Fiart-2022-seawalker At the same time, the Seawalker range, with the SW43 models and the recent SW35 and SW39, launched in 2021, continues its unstoppable sales success, which places Fiart among the main players in the sector.

Just a year ago, Fiart presented the project for the new iconic P54, a yacht designed by the eclectic architect Stefano Pastrovich, which has revolutionized the classic lines of design, seeking the right combination of aesthetics and functionality. Liveability and space were put at the forefront and combined with the design, elegance and high performance that this luxury yacht is capable of delivering.

A year later, the first unit sold is ready to cross the ocean to reach the Caribbean, the second unit will be delivered to the Côte d’Azur in the spring, while the third is already under production and will sail the Greek seas.

Fiart CEO Fiart-2022-p54 Giancarlo di Luggo commented on the warm welcome given to this model by the public:

“The immediate sale of the first units and the great interest shown by the market in the P54 are confirmation of the validity of this project. A yacht with great potential, the result of a great teamwork and the passion that drives Fiart along a course of excellence that is developing through the creation of a complete line of the P range”.

The debut in the United States last February certainly gave an extra boost to sales, which, expanding, have also found much acceptance overseas, so much so that only 30% of production remains within national borders, while 70% is exported abroad. In addition to the widespread expansion of the sales network, the increase in production capacity and the optimization of production processes are also factors that have enabled Fiart’s success in 2022.

Fiart looks to the new 2022-2023 season with many projects in the pipeline: the Miami Boat Show in February 2023, with the presentation of the Seawalker line to the American market, the exclusive Inside Fiart event in spring, dedicated to the press, partners and customers, who will have the opportunity to touch the 2023-2024, the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show in autumn.

For 2023, production and demand are expected to increase, up to 50 units, thus selling out on the entire range. However, it will not only be a year of production and increases, but also a year of research and development. In fact, one of the main medium-term goals is the pursuit of ever greater environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is a key pillar when looking to the future, and Fiart is committed to promoting and increasing it even in its production facilities, through the use of renewable energies.

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