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Absolute 56 Fly: renderings and video of Absolute Yachts’ latest creation unveiled

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Something else had to be added to the word yacht, and with the Absolute 56 FLY that something has become an indisputable reality. The renderings unveiled by the Podenzano-based shipyard offer a wealth of details of a special yacht which, it must be said, lacks nothing to conquer the flybridge market.

Great personality, maximum versatility and liveability of the interiors, but if that wasn’t enough on board, you can also sense extreme freedom of movement in all areas. Absolute wanted to focus on these cornerstones with its new Flybridge Generation 2022, and the result is really evident in the exclusive previews of these renderings that we offer you.

The Absolute 56 FLY is 56 fly cockpit the type of yacht capable of meeting all the classic maritime requirements, including those of safety, without compromise and without sacrificing great comfort, design, luxury details and advanced technology. Such a mix is truly rare on the market. And let’s not forget sustainability: there is a large photovoltaic surface area installed on the flybridge roof and the use of composite has been greatly reduced in the superstructure, which is exceptionally panoramic thanks to the windows.

Absolute 56 fly exterior

Going into detail about the Piacenza-based shipyard’s latest project, what immediately emerges from the renderings is the elimination of any boat-sea boundaries. The side gunwales are open internally in a full and empty volume of great effect. The stern railing is also transparent and the superstructure housing the saloon is basically made up only of electrically opening windows that disappear completely.

Absolute 56 FLY is a yacht with a saloon that is literally “open” when the precious sea breeze is needed and whenever it is wanted, but closes on itself when necessary, even during the less mild seasons. In this sense Absolute 56 FLY does not neglect any important aspect so that the owner can enjoy her all year round and in perhaps the most northerly geographical locations.

flybridge The flybridge is really spacious, furnished with a table located under the roof of the 56 FLY and well surrounded by a collier sofa. There are further face-to-face sofas on the aft side, where the transparency of the railings that wrap around practically the entire flybridge is repeated, with the exception of the multi-section horizontal handrail on the aft side. There is also an outdoor galley, which is conveniently placed to serve the table in front.

The railings are also well integrated into a frame that acts as a handrail running around the entire perimeter of the flybridge, except for the roof support element on which, by the way, the radars are installed.

The external helm station is moved slightly to the left of the boat. And the two pole-shaped grab handles around the control seats are intriguing. Safety is never compromised.

Two further pole grab handles, which also act as a nicely symmetrical decorative element, are in fact located in the cockpit. The latter is furnished with additional opposing sofas with a total of six seats. It is undoubtedly the most desirable area on board, thanks to its panoramic view and easy access to any water toys positioned on the stern platform.

However, beyond what is shown in these renderings, the extreme aft areas are actually devoid of fixed elements and ” can be furnished as desired”, the Absolute Yachts marketing department explains, highlighting the great customization possibilities offered by this yacht.


Absolute 56 Fly: interior comfort

And now to the interior. The master cabin is full-beam and located in the bow section. As in the rest of the range, the 56 FLY also features the iconic panoramic windows that are typical of Absolute, as well as real living pictures of the sea.

They help guests to feel in full contact with the liquid element, giving the master cabin a remarkable sense of protection and a spectacular effect enhanced by the positioning of the glazing almost flush with the water.

master cabin

The design is sophisticated, ‘rich’ in the very sense of the word. Luxurious details prevail, the interplay of transparency on the boundary between the cabin and the bathrooms, plus contrasting materials worthy of a refined furnishing fantasy.

Absolute-56-Fly-heads The VIP cabin is not far behind the owner’s cabin, which is also full beam, comparable in size and just as charming. What’s more, the third cabin rivals the others, equal in headroom and fitted with two single beds. The heads have a marine porthole in satin-finished steel, modernity and a choice of marble materials to create a truly luxurious weave.

In the cockpit, a modern galley is on the left of the boat, in a purely classical position. The large window, which can be opened electrically and concealed, makes the galley top an infinite window sill overlooking the sea. And it is intended as a transparent paneling on which to linger for a long time.

A small step slightly raises the living area, which is modernly furnished right up to the large helm seats and protected at the bow by a large transverse windscreen. An ultra-modern LED lighting system, which has also been designed for use under the flybridge roof, dominates everything.

Bow. The foredeck ends with an amazing steel bowplate for dropping anchor, while in front of the windscreen there is a large U-shaped seat facing the sea with cushions.

The sundeck appears as a volume in the middle of the foredeck, around which you can freely circulate for mooring manoeuvres. The starboard and port side-decks are as spacious as they need to be and are partly protected by composite bulwarks and box-shaped handrails.

All in all, the Absolute 56 FLY is undoubtedly the ideal boat for those who want to enjoy everything on board and on a cruise, including the large aft beach area from which to take a purely angelic dive. Enjoy the video below.


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