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Absolute Weekend VarazzeAn extremely crowded Absolute Weekend welcomes us in the enchanting frame of the Marina di Varazze, Italy, and we immediately feel like home. Since we visited this shipyard for the first time, we’ve indeed perceived to be in a particular enveloping dimension.

Absolute Yachts has really gone overboard and, if on one side the tens of boats docked in the harbour testify the great success of the shipyard, on the other one, on the water, five different models are open for visits and sea trials. In particular, the Navetta range is entirely on display, including the Navetta 52 and the Navetta 58 that are constantly rushed by the audience.

But we want to see her, the Navetta 73, the new flagship of the range.

We’ve followed the construction of this yacht from the very beginning, we’ve checked all the processing steps, so we should know her very well but… our new encounter with her Gala Absolute Weekendmakes us full of hopes and expectations.

The day moves fast, the night comes and, as befits special occasions, Absolute Yachts organizes a glamorous dinner party where, although luxury and finesse are tangibly present anywhere, you can breath the unique family atmosphere that characterizes the Italian shipyard.

So, after enjoying alfresco dining with a refined musical background, midnight finally comes and something happens. Two “spotlights” turn on and shoot their light beams to the sky. A completely lit-up boat appears from the water and gently approaches to the official quay of the marina. The yacht is welcomed by the notes of “Stay with me”, lights are dipped and light up the queen of the party.

Beautiful and elegant, the Navetta 73 doesn’t go unnoticed.



Hundreds of people crowd the quay of the marina to admire the beautiful boat that, expertly steered, spins in a cricle without moving the water or confusing its reflected image that, in its turn, shows off as the train of a perfectly-worn dress.Navetta 73 Plancia di comando

The queen of the party dances on the water before docking and finally provides a chance for the eager visitors to climb on board.

The following day, the stand is even more crowded than on the previous day; I want to write this article and I’d like to take some pictures of interiors, so I ask to climb on board and I embark.

When at the end of the gangway, I immediately perceive the real size of environments. This boat is really huge and features sizes worthy of a bigger recreational ship.

From the cockpit, a unique flush level guides the glance up to the pilot station, located about 20 metres away. I walk on this outstanding expanse of elegance and I reach the pilot station where a collection of huge displays show all on-board data.

I go on snapping photos; then, I go below deck where I see the owner’s apartment. Uniquely placed on an intermediate level, it offers a breath-taking view of the sea through large windows while privacy is absolutely guaranteed thanks to the considerable height of the cabin.

Absolute Yachts Navetta 73 armatorialeThen, I visit all the other cabins that are not less large and elegant than the master one. In particular, the cabin located at mid-ship can be considered as a second owner’s cabin since it offers the same elegance and comfort standards.

A buzz suddenly interrupts my thoughts and I realize that engines are on and the boat is sailing off. I realize that I’m taking part to the first outing of the boat and a smile appears on my face: the time has finally come for me to find out the real performances of this beautiful creature!

I climb on the main deck just when the Navetta 73 starts moving, I place my camera and quickly assemble my stabilizer to shoot a live video. I can’t keep this outing to myself, my readers have every right to virtually climb on board this boat and discover its behaviour at sea.

We go out of the port and I realize that no noise is perceptible. Absolute and Volvo did a remarkable job: noises are at the lowest possible levels.

Although the sea is a little rough and the wind blows at about 15 knots, everything on board is stable and safe. The bow of this boat is not only beautiful but it actually works very well Il flybridge della Navetta 73and the boat never pitches.

Maybe because of the total absence of noise, maybe because of stability, the only way to know speed on this boat consists in looking at instruments. So, I discover that we’re planing at over 20 knots.

The boat is always incredibly stable and the only thing you can perceive is the wake that gets larger when speed turns from displacement to plane.

From the huge flybridge, the view is breath-taking and I find myself looking at people who, after the initial excitement, are now sitting and enjoy a friendly conversation all together.

Gimmy Valente, the nice Absolute’s dealer, makes us come back to reality by showing the real size of this boat and its wake.



The Navetta 73 enters waves and simply moves water laterally. This boat loves loves the sea, caresses it and delivers an incomparable sailing experience.

According to Gimmy, the top speed of this boat is considerable and that sounds about right from our perspective. However, we’re planning a sea trial on board this board, so we don’t want to unveil anything in this article.

We look forward to get back on board this amazing Navetta 73.

So, stay tuned for updates!





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