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Reaching for the Absolute“: Marina di Varazzethese are the words chosen by the Italian shipyard Absolute Yachts to express the philosophy underling its popular boats that have conquered the world with their unique interpretation of sailing experience.

While reflecting how important the pursuit of perfection is for the yacht builder, the slogan can even be interpreted as a warm invitation to reach and see these amazing boats.

That’s maybe why an increasing number of visitors have joined the popular Absolute Weekend over the last few years. The glamourous – now customary – event is the occasion for the shipyard to inaugurate the exciting “season of boat shows” and exhibit its creations in the enchanting Marina di Varazze, Italy. Here, visitors can take their time to visit and enjoy the beautiful Absolute range.

Absolute Navetta 73This year, the event is eagerly anticipated because it will be the setting for the official debut, in worldwide preview, of the new Navetta 73. This elegant trawler completes the successful development of this boat range and represents an excellent synthesis of the progress Absolute Yachts has achieved over the last few years. In other words, this new model comes to reflect the true essence of the line.

The editorial staff of Boatandboats.com already had the opportunity to see her, in worldwide preview, last June, when the boat was still under construction and what we can tell you now is that she’s really full of surprises!

As part of the effort to offer everyone the most Absolute Yachts Navetta 52suitable boat for his needs, all the models of the “Navetta” range will be moored in the Marina di Varazze, including the Navetta 52 and the Navetta 58.

Furthermore, the Fly range will be represented by a yacht that has recently gained great appreciation in worldwide press alongside prestigious prizes within its category. We’re talking about the award-winning Absolute 50 Fly, already awarded with the desirable “European Powerboat of the Year” price and the prestigious “Asia Boating Awards”.

The fleet exhibited at the event will also include the Absolute 60 Fly, a 18-metre yacht where luxurious design and unthinkable spaciousness play a central role.

The most glamourous event of summer is waiting for you in the Marina di Varazze, at 10:00 on Saturday 2nd September. Come and enjoy a little taste of what is scheduled to be exhibited at the next Cannes Yachting Festival and Genoa International Boat Show!

Absolute 60 FlyNavetta 58 Absolute Yachts

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