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Selva Marine

Selva Marine: Italian excellence in outboard engines and more

The highest Made in Italy quality, innovative production technologies, ongoing expansion and, of course, its iconic outboards: this is Selva Marine. The company, originally producing components for the Lambretta Innocenti on the outskirts of Milan

Selva Marine

Selva Marine: how an outboard is born

Selva Marine : from metal to outboards “There are only two companies in Italy that are able to switch from an aluminium block to a complete engine. One is Ferrari, the other is Selva Marine”.

Mercury 500R

Mercury 500R, we tested them in world premiere

Mercury 500R: sea trial for the most powerful outboards ever. A special atmosphere is in the air at Mercury Racing. May be because the headquarters are in Wisconsin, but everyone here is friendly, straightforward and,

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