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Selva Marine in Genoa: 60 years of success and lots of novelties

Selva Marine‘s success at the Genoa Boat Show is a good representation of 2023 for the Valtellina-based company, which has just celebrated its 60th anniversary this year. A remarkable milestone for the Made in Italy company that has always manufactured and marketed quality engines, inflatables and fiberglass boats.

A leader and the only company in Europe with a complete production cycle for outboard engine components, Selva has never stopped making innovation and tradition its two pillars.

Year after year since 1961, when it moved to Tirano (in the province of Sondrio), the company, which primarily produced parts for Lambretta engines, has begun to expand into the boating world, increasingly perfecting its engines and succeeding in meeting all the needs of boat owners.

Today the company has a range of outboard engines ranging from 2.5 to 300 HP, a line of open boats, fishing boats, and a series of inflatables ranging from small tenders to true day cruisers, the classic Selva boats.

“It’s hard to tell how much but certainly this year’s Genoa Boat Show went very well. The feeling is really positive, there were a lot of visitors, so much so that on the third day there was a record number of visitors in the last 5 years and this is very good for the yachting world”, said Carlo Selva, owner of Selva Marine.

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Selva Marine’s novelties at Genoa Boat Show 2023

Crowning the Italian company’s important milestone, Selva launched a series of important new products at the Genoa Boat Show 2023, sold individually or as a package with the engine, as it has always been done since the company invented this new technique of marketing products in the last decades of the last century.

protagonStarting with boats dedicated to daily fun and relaxation, certainly the new Protagon 20 and Protagon 25 by Selva took the podium. Protagon 20 is a boat less than 6 meters long overall that provides exciting performance, comfort on board and safe cruising. The double-stepped hull ensures maneuverability and stability even at high speeds, exactly those for which it was designed. Protagon 25 Center Console, the larger sister of the boat just described, increases comfort on board, expanding space and providing more freedom of movement without sacrificing adrenaline performance. Eight meters long overall, this boat has a layout that includes: an aft sundeck, which can be converted into a dining table, easily accessible bathing platforms, perimeter handrails, and an electric toilet with an outdoor shower on deck.

selva marineAs far as fiberglass boats are concerned, the Open, Wide Open, and Fish Master lines have a lot to offer. More specifically, the Wide Open range is perfect for those who want to go on a fishing trip and therefore need a lot of space on board, or for those who want more freedom of movement and is produced in 510 and 560 versions. The Open range, on the other hand, targets the owner who wants a boat that is simple but at the same time comfortable to use, with bow cushions that can be converted into a table and settee to enjoy all that a day on the boat with friends or family can offer, and is available in two versions: the 540 and the larger 580. Finally, the range dedicated to fishing enthusiasts sees the introduction of Fish Master models, from 590 and 680, designed especially for those who want only the best for their passion. In the case of inflatable boats, the brand new Stile line offers a rich variety of models: the 500 which is the smallest in the range, the 540, the 570, the 600, the 650 and the largest from 700.

At the Genoa Boat Show, Selva Marine also displayed its entire range of outboard engines, which this year was implemented by the new XSR units. This sporty line gives stronger and faster torque, which makes the engine feel snappy and adrenaline-pumping while reducing fuel consumption. The range offers from 40 to 2×200 HP engines in 11 different versions including the Murena, Dorado, Swordfish, Killer Whale and many others.


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