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Selva Marine: Italian excellence in outboard engines and more

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The highest Made in Italy quality, innovative production technologies, ongoing expansion and, of course, its iconic outboards: this is Selva Marine.

Selva-outboardThe company, originally producing components for the Lambretta Innocenti on the outskirts of Milan in 1945, moved to its current site in 1961 in Tirano, a small town in the Valtellina valley on the Italian-Swiss border, where all the brand’s marine engines have been produced since the beginning.

A leader in the European marine engine market, today Selva can also be considered the only production company in Europe to have a complete production cycle for outboard engine components.

What only few people know is that Selva does much more: in addition to propulsion equipment, in fact, the Tirano plant also manufactures OEM components, an acronym for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, i.e., original parts for other major brands such as Yanmar, Neander and Torqeedo.

productionFor the historic Japanese company Yanmar, Selva produces complete transmission groups (saildrive and sterndrive) and the main OEM components. For Neander, on the other hand, it produces the transmission for one of the brand’s outboard models, and for Torqeedo, it manufactures both the various components and transmission assemblies for other manufacturers of electric outboards.

As mentioned above, the production cycle of Selva engines and the various components, is complete… but what does that mean? It starts with die-casting and then moves on to mechanical machining carried out on CNC machining centres, the parts then receive specific heat and anti-corrosion treatments. After all these steps, painting takes place, which involves four different stages, and finally the product is finished with assembly, testing, packaging and shipping.

selva-workWhat is really impressive about this production activity is that everything takes place in the same factory, the one in Tirano, where Lorenzo Selva moved in the late 1950s and where, even after 60 years, Selva Marine products come to life.

In addition to its wide range of outboard motors, ranging from 2.5 to 300 HP, Selva has developed a line of inflatable and fibreglass boats that are often sold packaged with the engine, and that allow owners to enjoy the comfort and high quality of Selva.

Proud of its path and activities to date, Selva Marine is always looking for new horizons, new possibilities that are able to guarantee, however, the highest quality of manufacture 100% Made in Italy, as it has been since 1963.

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