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Testing a boat like the Absolute 58 Fly is always a pleasure, especially in consideration of what the Podenzano-absolute-58-fly-navigazionebased shipyard has managed to create in 15 years of history. The company has indeed experienced an exciting growth even during the recent boat industry crisis and launched successful models ranging from 40 up to 72 feet.

In other words, if these boats continued to be chosen even when active players on the market were very few, this means that what they proposed was something really innovative.

In addition to this, the fact that weather conditions were not the best ones during our sea trial gave us the opportunity to carry out our test with much more satisfaction.

Grey sky and steep waves of almost one metre framed our sea trial and allowed us to test the real qualities and seaworthiness of this 18-metre flybridge model, unveiled to the audience with a world double debut hold in Portopiccolo, Italy, and Hong Kong simultaneously.

The boat

The new Absolute 58 Fly is a yacht designed for the global market. absolute-58-flyAble to meet and mix the needs of different targets, she is destined to European, American and Asian buyers without never betraying her original philosophy as a boat designed to enjoy the sea with one’s family and friends, where a lot of space is specifically devoted to conviviality and open-air entertainment.

Exterior design is immediately attractive thanks to the ability of the Absolute Yachts in-house Design Department to create contemporary boats and combine the latest technical innovations with innovative design, without any stretched exaggerations which would risk making a boat “old-fashioned” after only few seasons. Many glazed surfaces in the superstructure and muscly geometrical lines are the key elements of exterior design.

A peculiarity of the latest creation built in the Podenzano-based shipyard lies in construction method. Thanks to the so-called ISS (Integrated Structural System), interiors are all built on a metal hull model. There, all interiors absolute-58-flystructures, produced by numerically controlled machines, are assembled in one single piece. Everything, including bulkhead reinforcements, floors and ceilings are affixed to a multi-axle reinforcing grid to create a uniquely strong structure which guarantees the highest level of structural integrity, sturdiness, noise and vibration reduction and longevity.

Furthermore, this construction method results into a considerable reduction in construction time since multiple steps can be carried out simultaneously with the obvious advantage of a significant reduction in working time, too.

The hull of the Absolute 58 Fly, designed by the in-house naval architecture department of the shipyard, features a deep V which promptly acquires greater volume since the first metres of the hull. This solution translates into a double advantage since it provides the fore cabin with more spaciousness and shelters the deck from water sprays also thanks to a couple of spray rails implemented into bulwarks.

The yacht is powered by two Volvo Penta D8-IPS800 600 Hp engines, one among the latest solutions proposed by the Swedish manufacturer. They are offered as the only one alternative available, which clearly demonstrates the efficiency of the optimized solution to guarantee the highest level of performance and the lowest fuel consumption. As we will see later, the surprises assured by the engines/hull match in this respect are absolutely amazing.  



absolute-58-flyA boat designed for the worldwide market cannot exclude a Mediterranean approach in terms of exterior lines since the Mediterranean is actually the sea yachtsmen love the most. This results into large open spaces, perfect for any destination and weather conditions.  

More specifically, the flybridge is entirely devoted to conviviality, shaded by a light dark coloured T-top. Next to the pilot station located on the left develops a relaxation area/ sun pad which extends to the stern with a sofa. absolute-58-fly

Behind it, there’s the C-shaped seat of the dinette and a table. In the area behind, a terrace of almost six square metres can be equipped as the owner prefers. Few steps separate the main deck from the cockpit, the “official” entrance on board, furnished with a table and a sofa, from the backrest of which takes shape an additional sun pad which can become wider and reach the swimming platform on the transom in just one move. Tanning enthusiasts can enjoy a large sun pad in the bow that develops around a large central sofa shaping a real “Portuguese bridge”, typical of trawlers: an interesting blend of different styles!



absolute-58-flyExperience proves how successful is the choice to create a galley in direct communication with the rest of the boat, at least on boats of this size. In this case, the galley is located next to the entrance, on the left, opposite the dining area. Its proximity to the cockpit removes the need for an external absolute-58-flysupport and creates an environment in direct communication with the saloon thanks a sliding glazed door which almost disappears onto the bulwark.

Although not lavish, the living zone is rich and furnished with a C-shaped sofa on the left, a smoking table and a linear sofa on the starboard side.

Neutral colours are the main players of interior design, with clear eco-leather upholstery which perfectly communicates with the double light-and-dark oak shades of furniture and the blond hints of the flooring.

absolute-58-fly absolute-58-fly absolute-58-fly

Forward, on the starboard side, the dark backrests of the two pilot’s seats outline the rational dashboard, equipped with two multifunction displays which totally replace any analog or separate system. This zone is entirely dedicated to the pilot, with the electric panel located in plain sight below its transparent cover on the left while, on the starboard side, a door gives the helmsman instant access to the lateral passage to perform mooring manouevres.

In the cockpit, an additional joystick allows to maneuver the Ips engines even from the stern.

absolute-58-flyLike many other Absolute boats, the night zone is located on the lower deck. Just next to the stair, there is the so-called “third cabin”, with twin beds, equipped with an en-suite bathroom and separate shower (like the other two bathrooms). The owner’s cabin is amidships and furnished with a centrally-located bed whose headboard is located on the bulwark which separates cabins from technical rooms. The choice of furniture is in tune with the rest of the boat, except for pearl gray eco-leather upholstery.

Equally spacious, the VIP cabin is situated in the bow, furnished with a large bed which occupies a 45-degree position, with the headboard on the starboard side. Large windows flood these environments with a considerable amount of natural light. The crew cabin is located aft and is accessible from the transom.

Sea Trial

As already mentioned above, the harsh weather and sea conditions allowed us to appreciate the real reactions and qualities of this beautiful boat. The sea trial was carried out with nine passengers aboard, in rough sea, with full fuel tank and water tank at 40%. absolute-58-fly

Acceleration was brilliant and the boat surfed in just 7 seconds at 1,900 rpm and 13 knots.

During the test, the Absolute 58 Fly immediately showed her potential. Passages on waves were even softer than one could expect from a boat of this size. Precise and steerable even in the sudden changes of direction and tight turns, the boat was always stable. The maximum speed we reached was 31.8 knots at 3,000 rpm: not bad for a boat which was not designed to be sporty. Cruising speed reached 24 knots and it is precisely at this speed that the efficiency of both engines and hull finds its highest expression. Fuel consumption increases with increasing revs and system gets more and more efficient. In fact, if we consider the consumption per mile, rather than per hour, we can see that if at 2,500 rpm the boat used 7.7 liter to sail a mile, at 24 knots and 2,650 rpm, fuel consumption decreases to 6.8 liter a mile.

As for price, the Absolute 58 Fly costs “just” 990 thousand euros, VAT excluded: a very interesting price for a boat like this.

Absolute 58 Fly – Technical Specifications

Length Overall…………………………… 17.24 m
Beam……………………………… 4.80
Draft…………………………… 4.06 m
Motorization ……………………… Volvo Penta IPS800 2×600 cv
Fuel Tank Capacity…………… 2000 l
Water Tank Capacity…………………… 600 l
Cabins …………………………………… 3
Crew cabins………………… 1
Beds……………………………… 6+1
Passenger Capacity…………………… 14
CE Certification ………………… B


rpm Speed (knots) l/h l/mile
600 3.9 6 1.5
1,000 5.7 14 2.5
1,500 10 45 4.5
Surfing speed 2,000 13 107 8.2
2,500 20 130 7.7
Cruising speed 2,750 25 170 6.8
Top speed 3,000 31.8 215 6.8





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