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The Absolute Yachts Navetta 52 stands out for her capacity to develop the boat category she represents. Until about ten years ago, in fact, the concept of trawler was exclusively related to the idea of a displacing boat with codified lines (round stern, for example, was a typical hallmark) and a multi-deck superstructure, generally equipped with a flybridge and a partially sheltered covered deck. In short, a boat – usually of over 20 metres – designed for long-range cruises.

Then, things changed and shipyards progressively started to build smaller yachts delivering the same performances than traditional trawlers, intended as safe means to enjoy long-range navigations. Furthermore, hulls became faster and pure displacement-hull design concept was abandoned in favour of semi-displacing or semi-planing hull design according to the different hull geometries. So, visual impact released itself from traditional standards and restyled hulls and superstructures appeared on the market in order to update design and provide owners with new possible uses, larger spaces on the deck and more spacious interiors.




The boat

At the time being, the Navetta 52 is the smallest unit of the namesake yacht series built by the Italian boatyard that includes other two models: the Navetta 58 and the brand new award-winning Navetta 73.

Among the three models, the Navetta 52 is, however, Absolute_Navetta_52-15the most innovative one as, with an overall length of just 16 metres, she successfully introduces new more original lines. Maybe, if you love sharp structures and tapered hulls, you will prefer her sisters but this model is actually the only one where Absolute Yachts Design Department managed to widen spaces beyond expectations.

Absolute_Navetta_52-2The “wow” effect certainly makes her different from most contemporary boats ranging from 15 to 18 metres : the Navetta 52 features a plumb stempost perpendicular to the water along with an upright superstructure that stretches towards the fly bridge, glass surfaces that envelop all interiors on the main deck, several settees and sun pads in the bow section. Even in terms of seaworthiness, the model is quite surprising. For example, the boat can efficiently travel at a speed of over 20 knots by taking advantage of the duality of the hull that allows to navigate at both displacement speed – which is the favourite speed of this boat – and planing speed.




The Absolute Navetta 52 is undoubtedly far from the concept of a pure Mediterranean boat. However, her external usability should be considered in relation to the Absolute Global Project, the corporate commitment to satisfy the different navigation needs and cultures in each continent of the world, from the waters of South-East Asia and Caribbean islands to the Mediterranean.Absolute_Navetta_52-6

The cockpit features a classic layout, with a small sofa leant against the transom that serves the dinner table. A blind descending from the fly bridge provides this area with shade and total privacy. A similar solution is replicated in the side-decks in order to reduce the amount of exterior light in the dinette. Cockpit ceiling is upholstered and creates a balanced continuity between interiors and exteriors. This area is one of the major centres of social life on board: here, in fact, guests can taste the delicious plates prepared on the grill that can be installed on the transom and accessible from the hydraulic swimming platform. If you don’t like this additional open-air galley – whose management is not so easy if the same area accommodates the tender – the same space can be used as an additional locker.

Absolute_Navetta_52-7The above-mentioned side decks are wide, sheltered by main deck overhangs and protected by generous safe bulwarks. However, the most extensive use of the fore section is during clear weather as it accommodates a wide relaxation area and a large sun pad. Despite of the total size of the Navetta 52, Absolute Yachts designers positioned a three-person lounger with adjustable seat-back and installed an equally large sofa just next to the windshield. Even with 6 guests on this area, mooring maneuvers are never compromised or limited.

The fly bridge, too, features generous volumes and clever space arrangement. The steering console is centrally located, with a comfortable helm seat equipped with a weight indicator Absolute-Navetta52_20that allows to adjust the seat shock absorber in as a personalized manner as possible. It is surrounded by some settees where guests can relax and sit with the pilot.

The stern section houses the dining area, positioned on the starboard side. It can accommodate 6 guests who can taste the delicious plates prepared on the electric barbecue that appears from the cabinet equipped with refrigerator and positioned on the left, just opposite the stairs that communicate with the main deck. This area is all sheltered by a T-Top that can provide even the astern sun pad with extra shade thanks to a roller dropdown blind than can be installed on the top.



Absolute_Navetta52_43Like many other Absolute models, the Navetta 52, too, is a family-sized yacht where the owner can manage his boat very easily without needing further aid. The first interior environment that opens up for passengers is the galley, positioned on the same level as the cockpit. This place, located on the left of the entrance, becomes the junction between the two worlds – the exterior and the interior one – that it can equally serve. Absolute’s designers can be proud of their fresh ideas that have resulted into an extremely elegant clean space where everything is functional and welcoming. So, despite of the presence of a sink, glass ceramic hobs, a dishwasher, an oven, a refrigerator, a freezer, a large counter and a crockery cabinet, visual impact is always great.

Stone-coloured oak wooden flooring, clear upholstery and ceilings are perfectly Absolute_Navetta_52-8combined with dark wooden furnishings while large windows and glass surfaces make sure each and every inch of interior is flooded with natural light and allow the eyes to roam across the sea. Everything was specifically designed to improve life on board: wood flooring, for example, has been textured to prevent slipping and safe handrails can be found in the ceiling. Rare in luxury yachts, they are very useful especially when sailing on a rough sea.

Near the bow, the flooring level raises a little  in order to ideally separate the innermost zone, perfectly integrated with the rest of common areas. Here, a dining table on the left can accommodate up to 6 guests and can be separated from the Absolute_Navetta52_38galley by a sliding glass door. Opposite to it is a two-seater sofa.

The inner steering console is positioned in the bow, on the starboard side. Compact enough to house all the necessary steering equipment and controls, it is well-sheltered and shaded by the fly bridge. Useful but rare in yachts of this size, a lateral door links the deckhouse with the side deck. This is a very comfortable solution for all those navigating with small crew.

La cabina armatoriale.
The master cabin

The lower deck is entirely dedicated to sleeping quarters. The master cabin is positioned amidships, in the most stable point of the boat. Thanks to its full-beam layout, lateral windows flood it with a great amount of natural light while a sofa and a makeup vanity are located on the left and the starboard side respectively. Moreover, the cabin has a TV that retracts into the dresser, a standard queen-sized bed and a small wardrobe. Of course, the bathroom is en-suite, decorated with a dark marble counter with rust coloured veins and a separated shower box.

La cabina vip.
The VIP cabin

The VIP cabin is in the bow, with a bed positioned at 45 degrees relative to the keel line in order to have more space in the cabin but without sacrificing volumes dedicated to technical needs, including the anchor locker. The bathroom is shared with a third twin-bed cabin positioned on the starboard side and closed by a sliding door. Yacht designers generally don’t like this solution because of vibrations but this problem has been successfully solved on board the Navetta 52 also thanks to ISS (Integrated Structural System), an innovative building technology where interiors are affixed with fiberglass supports to create a unique strong structure that guarantees the highest level of safety and resistance to external elements.Absolute_Navetta_52-14

Accessible from the transom, the crew cabin is equipped with a real toilet room and is placed near the engine room that, in its turn, accommodates two powerful Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600 435hp engines. As suggest by the acronym itself, they deliver great power thanks to Ips pods.


Sea Trial

Absolute_Navetta_52-1We tested the Absolute Yachts Navetta 52 in very demanding conditions. Sea was rough, waves were almost 1 metre high and we sailed off with 10 passengers on board – a situation that, if possible for a daily trip, is not advisable in the case of a long cruise. Before analyzing data about performance and fuel consumption – that are all presented in the table below – we can say that the most surprising fact about this yacht was its great stability.

The Navetta 52 touched a planing cruising speed of about 19 knots by keeping her stability and comfort standards totally unchanged.

Thanks to Ips shaft-drive pods, the trawler proved to be more agile than Absolute_Navetta_52-3one might expect from a boat of this type where, instead of high speed, the major priority is certainly represented by the possibility to enjoy a long-range cruise in total safety and comfort. Taking advantage of a 2,000-liter fuel tank capacity, the boat can cover over 450 nautical miles at 9 knots that drop to 238 if we choose to travel at 20 knots. Of special note is the economical displacement cruising speed that, at 7.2 knots, elevates range to almost 1,000 nm.

Another interesting aspect if the total absence of water sprays on the deck. Wind was not very strong during our test but weather conditions were harsh enough to provoke steep waves and considerable water sprays. This characteristic is guaranteed by the particular hull geometry where a small chine stretching from the waterline to the stempost actually stops water particles that otherwise would Absolute_Navetta_52-5reach both the deck and the superstructure.

At full throttle and 3,600 rpm, we touched a top speed of 22 knots: not bad for a boat that – we repeat it – was designed to sail more placidly at lower speed.

List price is € 750,000.00, VAT excluded. A very interesting price for such amazing boat!





rpm speed l/h l/nm range
600 3.0 2.4 0.8 2,500
1,000 4.7 7.1 1.5 1,333
Economical cruising speed 1,500 7.2 15.1 2.1 952
Displacement cruising speed 2,000 9.0 39.6 4.4 455
2,250 11.0 66.0 6.0 333
2,500 11.6 85.8 7.4 270
Planing speed 2,750 13.0 97.5 7.5 267
3,000 15.5 124.0 8.0 250
Planing cruising speed 3,250 20.0 168.0 8.4 238
Max Speed 3,600 21.7 173.6 8.0 250

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