Absolute Yachts Navetta 58
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An essential key to the success of a boatyard lies in its absolute-yachts-navetta_58-2ability to modernize the yachts it builds. In other words, a successful boat manufacturer is able to improve its products both from an aesthetical and functional point of view, by marking an important evolution in comparison with the classical, well-established solutions. This goal becomes even more difficult to achieve when the focus is on a yacht that, in the collective imagination – partially because of its name, partially because of its end use – is related to the traditional layout and concept of a trawler. This is why we are particularly interested into the Absolute Yachts Navetta 58, the new entry of the Navetta family that finds its place between the Navetta 52 and the Navetta 78.


The boat

The Absolute Yachts Navetta 58 is a stunning 17-meter yacht, even though the model we put on test had a different colour compared with the mint-green hull of the boat shown in the pictures below. Of course, the colour choice significantly enhances the overall design and adds a modern touch to the exterior appearance. However, the “wow” effect is guaranteed also by the other, less radical, colour options available, including the total-white model we put on test in Portopiccolo, Italy.

Although far from the traditional design standards of her class, the Navetta 58 preserves some important elements of the Absolute Yachts’ tradition, including generous volumes, a well-arranged superstructure, a livable fly bridge and, above all, power and efficiency even when sailing at displacement speed.

absolute-yachts-navetta_58-3However, the way this yacht interprets these elements is considerably far from tradition and more looking-forward.

The bow, for example, is vertical and gives up the long-established streamlined lines:the plumb stem is shippy-looking and has the practical benefit of extending the usable space in the lower deck while a vertical sprayrail marks a clear separation between the stem and the waterline.

Except for the two round portholes located on each absolute-yachts-navetta_58-6bulwark, all the windows enveloping the hull and located roughly at the two main cabins feature polygonal geometries. And the same approach applies to the yacht’s profile characterized by a close dialogue between the protection gunwale going with the entire edge of the main deck and flybridge and the superstructure cover which, with two prominent overhangs, provides the huge glass windows that surround interiors on the main deck with additional protection against weather elements and sun light. Furthermore, the absence of a central structural frame emphasizes this “triumph” of glass. Another distinctive element of this yacht is the abundance of handrails and handles almost everywhere.


absolute-yachts-navetta_58-4As in the rest of the boat, exterior layout, too, is custom designed to suit contemporary needs and strengths. Stretching from the bow to the stern, the wide flybridge includes: a terrace, large enough to accommodate two loungers; a dinette, furnished with a C-shaped sofa and a dining table, both located opposite the wet bar; the helm station. Following the typical end use of its class, where the owner often coincides with the helmsman, along with the contemporary design trends, the helm station is positioned along the longitudinal centerline while two L-shaped couches form a an outdoor lounge around it where both the helmsman and guests can share space and time. A T-top protects the apical part of the boat and functions as the supporting structure of an electrically-operated awning that shades the stern section.

The main deck welcomes guests in a cockpit accessible from the aft boarding platform ( this also leads to the crew cabin – equipped with two berths and one bathroom – and the engine room). A linear sofa envelops the diningabsolute-yachts-navetta_58-5 table, located on the starboard side in order to leave room to the wide ladder ascending to the flybridge. The comfortable side-decks lead to the forward sun pad where a large upholstered lounger and a C-shape sofa offer a cozy, well-sheltered space where guests can relax even when docked in a marina.


absolute-yachts-navetta_58-8Accessible from a sliding door, the living zone is the first of the various environments forming the interiors of the Absolute Yachts Navetta 58. It encloses a linear sofa on the left, a C-shaped sofa and smoking table on the starboard side. Unlike the Navetta 52, the galley, equipped with large, comfortable worktops and stowage compartments, is located amidships, just behind the inner helm station. The latter, furnished with two chairs and a side door that gives instant access to the side-deck, is fully-equipped and 100% customizable. Opposite, on the left bulwark, a dining table is served by an additional C-shaped sofa.absolute-yachts-navetta_58-9

Entirely dedicated to the sleeping area, the lower deck is organized with three cabins and three bathrooms. The full-beam master cabin is positioned amidships, with a center king-sized bed positioned against the bulwark that separates it from the engine room. The en-suite bathroom includes a separated shower room. The Vip cabin, furnished with a center king-sized bed, is located at the bow while a third, twin-bedded cabin is positioned on the left of the sliding hatch.

The Sea Trial

absolute-yachts-navetta_58-7For our sea trial the sea was not properly calm, which offered the perfect conditions to test the genuine seaworthiness of the hull rather than its top performance. The choppy sea indeed enabled us to test the Navetta 58 in extreme conditions and see how much of her original character had remained. With 10 passengers on board, full fuel tank (2,800 l) and 30% of the overall water capacity, the yacht was far from its full load conditions. The model we tested is the most powerful one among the different engine options offered by the boatyard: two Volvo Penta Ips 800 engines, 600hp each.

Maybe, it’s not what you expect on boat originally designed to travel at displacing speed but, as we’ve already said, the innovation capacity of a boatyard also includes the ability to modernize the end use. Absolute Yachts therefore has concentrated its efforts on the construction of trawlers that could even plane efficiently, if necessary.

Regardless of the engine revs, the Navetta 58 was absolute-yachts-navetta_58-10always extremely flat and stable during out test. Seaworthiness wass excellent and reliable. The passage on the waves was soft from any direction: and even when the impact was just, the whole structure‘s response feeled sturdy and robust. Steering the boat was pleasant, the hull advanced softly and gently and rolling was never enraged, even when the boat turned and slightly tilted inwards.

At 1,500 revs, the Navetta 58 travelleds at 10 knots: an excellent displacement speed to cover a lot of nautical miles quickly and with low fuel consumption: just 4.6 liters per nautical mile. The Navetta 58 is actually the ideal long-range cruiser: when travelling at 6 knots and with full fuel tank, she can cover 1,100 nautical miles.

absolute-yachts-navetta_58-11In terms of performance, the hull is independent from speed. Of course, our test was a little extreme and readings were slightly compromised by sea conditions. The sea was choppy and a strong sirocco was blowing: in short, not the ideal day to go bathing. Anyway, at full throttle, the Navetta 58 reacted as a powerboat. Within just 9 seconds, we travelled at 16 knots while the minimum planing speed was 12 knots. Out top speed was 26 knots and we reached it in 25 seconds. Considering both performance and fuel consumption, the planing cruising speed was 18 knots; however, the hull remained efficient even when we travelled at over 20 knots, as you can see in the table below.

rpm peed Fuel Consumption (l/h) Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
700 5.0 9 1.8
1,000 6,0 15 2.5
Displacement cruising speed 1,500 10.0 45 4.6
Planing Speed 2,000 12.0 91 8.7
2,250 15.0 119 8.5
Economical planing cruising speed 2,500 18.0 144 8.2
2,750 23.0 187 8.4
Top speed 2,950 26.0 208 8.7

Absolute Navetta 58 – Technical Specifications


Overall length 17
Beam 5
Motorization Volvo Penta IPS800
Power 2×600
Fuel Tank Capacity 12,400
Water Tank Capacity 1,600
Cabin 3
Crew Cabins 1
Berths 6+1
Passenger Capacity 14
CE Design Category B

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