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While the term is sometimes misused, we often hear of “DNA” to evoke the close link, the sense of belonging as well as the origin of something. In the case of Absolute Yachts, however, the term wouldn’t be wrong. Born out of Marcello Bé and Sergio Maggi‘s desire to pursue the experience begun with Angelo Gobbi in the namesake shipyard, Absolute Yachts is a company which bases its success on the “family” concept.

Absolute Navetta 58 Navigazione

Sergio Maggi, designer at Gobbi, and Marcello Bé, head of logistics and technical departments of that shipyard, immediately invite the former owner Angelo to join their adventure. The result they quickly achieve is a counter-trend company adopting strategies which are completely different from many competitors’ ones: each step in the production process is carried out within the production site of Podenzano; nothing is decentralized or outsourced. Property and management coincide and their proximity to production processes creates an agile motivated structure. Everyone, from the two founders to the last worker, aims for the same goal: a 100% made in Italy product featuring “absolute” quality.

Absolute Navetta 58

15 years may seem to be many or few according one’s perception but this was the time the two founders took to go from a small warehouse in Carpaneto to a leading company in Italy and a well-established reality in Asian, Russian, Australian and American markets.

Aware of every fluctuation in the market trends, Absolute Yachts immediately understands how a part of demand has recently moved towards a more concrete, more enjoyed and less ostentatious luxury.

This justifies the birth of the two latest Absolute creations: the Navetta 52 and the Navetta 58.

Existing in the North-European and North-American markets since always, these boats have suffered the recent European crisis . In other words, they found room when people finally realized the extraordinary possibilities they offer as well as their lower costs if compared with superyachts.

What immediately strikes when you look at the Navetta 58, presented to the American market during the Miami Boat Show, is the height of bulwarks as well as the distance of the main deck from water. It is no coincidence. One of the key elements in this product line is the realist perception of an almost home environment, never oppressive, where every space is wide and comfortable.

Absolute Navetta 58 Spiagetta

The other key element is the breadth of windows: impressive on the main deck, generous on the lower one. This presence is made possibile by the construction quality of Absolute boats which, thanks to the so-called Integrated Structural System (ISS: the pre-assembled floors, ceilings and bulkheads are affixed with fiberglass supports to create a uniquely strong structure with the hull which, in its turn, is already reinforced with a multidirectional grid covering) have become famous for their strength and total absence of creaks and vibrations.

The exteriors of the Navetta 58 show a “notable” structure made lighter by some design arrangements. The flybridge seems to be suspended above the large dark glazed surfaces and the structure of the roll bar, which underlies antennas and provides the external pilot house with shade, is properly inclined forward and seems to be prolonged (it’s a prospective illusion) in the link between the flybridge and the astern bulwark.

Absolute Yachts Navetta 58 postazione pilotaggio

On the edge of the stern, we find a wide submergible swimming platform and the side steps which give access to it from the cockpit. This zone houses the entrance of both the crew berth and the engine room.

From the cockpit, furnished with a sofa and a table, passengers can reach the flybridge thanks to a staircase located on the left. The flybridge is a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea.

It is divided into three zones: a sun pad next to the staircase, a central well-equipped lounge and a fore area hosting the central pilot console and two twin sofas.

A side walkway leads from the cockpit to the bow, where a large forward-facing C-shaped sofa forms a counterpoint with a wide sun pad. A large glass sliding door separates the cockpit from interiors but, if opened, it creates a unique open space with no interruptions.

Absolute Yachts Navetta 58

A spacious lounge furnished with two opposing sofas (one is linear, the other is C-shaped) is the element which anticipates the galley, a large table served by a sofa and the pilot station.

The latter is really worth of a “small ship” because it is equipped with a complete range of handy ergonomic instruments. The lower deck is accessible through a staircase positioned next to the console. Immediately forwards, there’s the Vip cabin while a narrow passage leads to the astern master cabin, equipped with a central bed, wide windows and all comforts. A third cabin, with twin beds and an en-suite bathroom, complete the sleeping quarters.

Absolute Yachts Navetta 58 Salone

Respect for the environment and the desire for a increasingly less evident impact on nature are the key elements of Absolute Yachts’ philosophy. This led to a fruitful collaboration with Volvo and the systematic implementation of  IPS Volvo Penta engines which ensure excellent performances, limited emissions and low consumption. The Navetta 58 can be fitted with two D6- IPS600 435 HP engines or two D11-IPS800 625 HP engines.


Absolute Yachts Navetta 58 Consolle



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