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Absolute Yachts: all upcoming novelties unveiled

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Presented at Cannes Yachting Festival the new boats of the Absolute Yachts‘ fleet that, whilst representing a coherent growth of the current most successful ranges, clearly reconfirm the constant desire to innovate of the shipyard.

Absolute 62 Fly

She will be the evolution of the Absolute 60 Fly, with the promise to become a top seller in the Italian shipyard. The boat, indeed, replicates the strengths of the previous successful model but expands the width to 5.05 meters for greater comfort.

In the pursuit of an Absolute Yachts 62 Fly, cabinincreasingly greater brightness of interiors, new windows will be higher and with no struts in order to remove any interruption in the view from inside and in the illumination from outside.

For the same purpose, but also in order to provide continuity to spaces and encourage the social spirit that characterizes Absolute boats, doors are sliding and windows feature new oblique stylish lines even in the cabins.

In the bathroom, an interesting and smart innovation is represented by a popup mirror that, thanks to vertical movement, covers and uncovers a porthole depending on whether passengers want to contemplate their own image or the sea’s one.

The astern bathing ladder, too, appears and disappears and goes into the water together with the bathing platform in order to provide continuity to structural ladders and remove an annoying encumbrance at relaxing time.

Navetta 68

Absolute Yachts Navetta 68Another innovative product by Absolute Yachts will be the Navetta 68, inspired by the successful flagship Navetta 73.

In this new guise, too, the Absolute Yachts’s formula that encourages conviviality will be confirmed: the privileged space of on-board life will be the wet bar from which passengers can enjoy sunsets and starry skies.

It is no coincidence that the galley is positioned between the interior dining room and the exterior dinette, in order to facilitate conviviality.

For the same purpose, an innovative sliding glass between the galley and the astern section can be removed in order to open spaces completely.

An additional sliding glass divides or unites the salon and the pilot station.

Absolute Navetta 68, salon

However, the invention that yachtsmen who love sailing with many friends and guests will appreciate the most will be the electric mechanism that allows to unite or separate beds in the VIP cabins, in order to obtain twin or double beds according to passengers’ needs.

Absolute Navetta 68, cabin

Of course, conviviality must not be at the expense of privacy; this is why a sumptuous master cabin, equipped with a king-size bed, benefits from a private instant access from the bow.

In terms of technological and structural innovations, a new solution that joins the deck and the hull provides the trawler with more sturdiness; moreover, the total absence of reinforcing points like window struts translates into more style and brightness.

Absolute 47 Fly

Absolute Yachts 47 FLYThe final preview of the new Absolute Yachts’ projects is the Absolute 47 Fly, the fly version of the successful Navetta 48.

This boat, too, focuses on conviviality and sociality, in addition to practicality and user-friendliness.

Consequently, the galley is fully equipped – even with freezer and dishwasher – and the bow features a folding table that can become a wide sunbathing platform.

Below deck, guests will certainly appreciate the walk-in closet to put dresses and change clothes in total comfort.

Furthermore, like other boats of Absolute Yachts’ fleet, the 47 Fly, too, will have a door that, from the exterior deck, will give instant access to the helm station.

A family party

The presentation of the new boats at Cannes Yachting Festival was also the occasion for Absolute Yachts to celebrate a “family party” with the “Top Dealer 2018” award ceremony.

These are the winners: Absolute Yacht, Top Dealer award ceremony

Best Brand Ambassador:
– Deniz Yatcilik (Turkey)
– Modern Boat (France)

Fastest growth rate in the territory:
–  Ligur Nautica (Italy)

Largest and most complete inventory program:
– Grande Yachts International (USA)

Not only a formal occasion to share the results achieved by the commercial and reputational growth of the brand but also a moment to confirm and stimulate the sense of community which the company is very committed to.

An efficient synthesis of this spirit was expressed by Antonio Spina ( Ligur Nautica) who accepted the award: ” We work in the yachting sector for passion, a passion we received from our father: it’s the same passion we’ve found in Absolute’s family”.

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