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What’s a vision? If we exclude the general onesMichele Preziuso engendered by some specific substances, it is probably the starter of an idea, the basic component that, through work and skills, finally becomes the intuition of a project.

Michele Preziuso, Sales and Product Development Manager at Amare Group, seems to simply appreciate – like any good Modenese – one, or better, two glasses of Lambrusco di Sorbara. Consequently, there’s no way his visions depend on bubbles. So?

So, the starting point – he tells us while sitting in the company’s stand at Cannes Yachting Festival – is the desire to create something revolutionary and innovative in the total respect of good taste standards”.

So, it is not surprising that, at the next Metz Trade in Holland, Amare Group will present a gangway resulting from a very concrete vision: ” What I imaged was something beautiful, functional and safe, able to exceed the limits of the gangways currently available on the market; I therefore asked that the basic idea was a teak crane”. Is it incredible? Not really, because we will see it in just a few weeks.

Founded in 2010, Amare Group became operational in 2012, exactly when crisis affected boat industry with its most serious effects. However, that period marked your success. What did it depend on?

Michele PreziusoThe field was experiencing a very serious crisis and, above all,  it suffered from an evident lack of innovation. When we finally decided to manufacture marine portholes and gangways, we tried to understand which direction was possible to overturn what already existed and which key to use to combine design and quality. Fortunately, we found the right key and the big brands that wanted and needed something revolutionary to fight the crisis put their trust in us.

When you talk about big brands, you refer to iconic names like Ferretti, Azimut, San Lorenzo, and Sunseeker just to name a few. All these shipyards boast long experience alongside a precise idea about what they want. Did they accept your intuitions without any problems?

On the contrary, we approached to them with humility, perfectly conscious of the fact that we had good but new ideas. We listened to them, we leart and interpreted the specific needs of every shipyard in a right innovative way.

You’ve been the founding fathers of innovation within boat industry. Now, it’s easy too see your competitors following your direction.

Yes, its true. Our patents have established themselves and have been highly successful. Our closing hinge, for example, was a small revolution which allowed, for the first time, to obtain open portholes in all positions. And, above all, it has a considerable advantage in terms of safety since it prevents the mobile part from falling on fingers.

Our gangways, too, have introduced many innovations, such as shatterproof glass, customized walking surfaces, different adjustments and total usability thanks to the absence of frames.

Passerella Vanity Amare Group

In your opinion, is there still room for innovations in this field or do your patents represent the end point?

Absolutely yes, there is. There’s still a lot of room and everybody – the market, boat manufacturers and owners – need innovation. Both in terms of design and technology. What is essential is to combine both elements and consider that design is not something abstract. It doesn’t translate itself as a simple pursuit of beauty but it should combine detail, beauty and functionality.

Speaking of innovations, we know that you will present two new products at the next Metz Trade. What is it about?

We will present a new gangway whose name hasn’t been decided yet. What I can tell you is that it finally solves a series of problems that are typical of current gangways. The second product is a hydraulic system.

What do you mean?

I can’t tell you anything more because I’ve already told you too much about our gangway. I can only add that we’re ready to compete for the DAME award. Even just the nomination would be really satisfying for us.




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