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Over the last few years, Amer Yachts has established itself as the symbol of innovation in the world yachting industry.

There’s probably something hidden in Amer Yachts Amer 110the Amelio family’s DNA that constantly leads the Permare Group to experiment and innovate. It is indeed no coincidence that, at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival, the Amer Cento was awarded as “The most innovative yacht of the year”. The yacht, in fact, set new standards for innovation thanks to the installation of a quadruple Volvo Penta IPS-1050 configuration and the use of high-quality materials for both inner floors (vintage teak) and external decks, entirely made of cork ( a material with extraordinary features).

Today, with the launch of the new Amer 110, Permare Group establishes a new guinness with its first “recreational ship” featuring a quadruple  Volvo Penta IPS-1200 configuration specifically designed for large-yacht applications.

The launch of this new model is cause for satisfaction for the Amerio family; the performances obtained have gone beyond any expectation”

Claims Barbara Amerio reached today on the phone.

Amer 110 Amer yachts 2 ”  The Amer 110′ opens a new frontier with a view to the upcoming IMO environmental regulations for emissions to air which will result into the adoption of catalytic converters. Volvo Penta motorization is already in line with the new rules and we already support the respect for the environment through low emissions, low fuel consumption and upcoming electric boats. Please visit our stands at the next boat shows and find out all Amer Yachts’ novelties“.

33.50 metres long, the Amer 110 Unique is a superyacht that, thanks to its motorization, ensures very low emissions and fuel consumption. These engines, in fact, have the advantage of using about 30% of fuel less than traditional diesel engines. This way, the owner can not only benefit from greater saving but also enjoy long-range cruises without the need for refueling.

However, lower fuel consumption doesn’t result in less powerful performances. The first sea trials have indeed certified a top speed of over 30 knots, not bad for a yacht of this size. Equally noteworthy is the cruising speed of this boat: 26 knots!

” With the Amer 110 we’ve successfully exceeded another limit, that of 100 feet. I wish to pay my sincere congratulations to all those who have participated in the construction of this extraordinary yacht”

Says Nicola Pomi, Sales Manager at Volvo Penta in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

“The Amer 110 delivers excellent performances. This result has been made possible only by a close engineering cooperation with Permare Group and the Amerio family who has been believing in the Volvo Penta systems development for years. But that’s not all: after the Amer 94, the Amer 100 and the new Amer 110, this partnership won’t fail to hold new exciting surprises..” 

Amer 110 Amer Yacht velocità di punta
The Raymarine monitor displays the top speed reached by the new Amer 110

The Italian yacht builder has built the Amer 110 Unique for a loyal customer that, in just 6 years, has bought a Amer 92, an Amer Cento and, now, the new Amer 110 Unique, fitted with the same interior design than the previous model.

The boat sets new standards for innovation also in terms of antifouling paint. Inspired by naval ships, Amer Yachts has, in fact, replaced the traditional paint with a special film that extends the treatment duration from one to four years.

The Amer 110 will be officially presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa International Boat Show next September.

The Amer 110 Unique won’t fail to be one among the main attractions of both events also because Permare Group is well-known for its great capacity to combine innovation and advanced technology with the ability to build boats of incomparable beauty and elegance.



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