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Ampermarine amazes again at METS with the first wireless underwater LED spotlight

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New technology, a new spotlight and the desire to broaden boundaries: Ampermarine conquers all, including METSTRADE in Amsterdam. 

Ampermarine has been exhibiting at METS since 2019 and this year, they again presented their flagship models: the WUWLED spotlight and the smaller version, the MINI WUWLED.

Supernavi is the official distributor of WUWLED spotlights from 2021 in Italy, Germany and France. Together with Ampermarine, the aim is to conquer the market and enter a new world, expanding the horizons on wireless technologies to customers and boat manufacturers.

ampermarine spotlight METS is one of the three benchmark trade fairs, but for accessories it remains the world’s number one. We are very happy with how it went, we made a lot of business contacts, and we will be present in Dusseldorf in January to open up the German market. We can only grow now” reported Pietro Carlet, owner of Supernavi. 

The innovative spotlight was presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival this year, attracting a lot of interest from the public and especially, for now, from private customers. The spotlight was nominated for the prestigious METS DAME award at last year’s METS and was one of the finalists.

The WUWLED spotlight consists of two elements: the transmitter which is mounted internally and the spotlight which is mounted externally to the hull. It is powered by a wireless system and this provides a lot of security in terms of infiltration, as it is no longer necessary to drill holes in the boat to run cables.

Even on the replacement and repair side, the wireless mode has something more to offer: it is applied using a special glue both internally and externally. There is also a second fastening system: a static part, which consists of two brackets that are fixed to the hull, and a mobile part, which allows the spotlight to be positioned and removed without having to raise the boat, but using a diver who can carry out the operation even with the hull submerged.

wuvled An innovation that is not easy to put on the market, but has great potential, as Pietro Carlet explains:

We are a white fly in the sector at the moment because the fact that we can operate it wirelessly opens up a completely new and innovative market of which we do not even know what the developments will be. At the moment we are the only ones in the world with this technology, there is an innovative market ahead, we have only just started. We have requests from France, in Italy instead, we are working on it”.

America, on the other hand, has already expressed great interest in this new technology, so much so that the company has found its own distributor on the star-studded continent. Presented in Miami in 2019, it was immediately noticed that there was great ferment for these WUWLED wireless spotlights in America and given the difficulties in managing the American market from overseas, Ampermarine found Menniti Nautica, the new distributor in the USA.

With an eye on the future, Ampermarine’s next goals are to expand its boundaries, first and foremost in Europe, but also to achieve great success in America and, to this end, the company will participate in the upcoming Miami boat show.

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