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Aries Light Open by Clear Marine, Giuseppe Messinese relaunches the boat for everyone at Genoa Boat Show

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Aries Light Open by Clear Marine is a boat that invites everyone to rediscover the desire to sail. Giuseppe Messinese, head of the Pavia-based boatyard, is certain of this. He confirmed this at the Genoa Boat Show, pointing out that the Aries Light Open was created to “relaunch the culture of sailing“. Let’s look to the future: “having fun on the water should no longer be a luxury only accessible to billionaires”.

Aries Light Open is the ultimate proof of this. With an entry level price of 27,200 euro (VAT included) and powered by a Mercury 40 PRO outboard, she leaves no room for doubt. She measures 6.20 metres but has plenty of useful space on deck. As well as featuring nautical engineering by Giuseppe Messinese, she offers plenty of excitement for easy cruising, without requiring costly investments.

aries light open The Aries Light Open is therefore the new entry with which Clear Marine has decided to focus, at the Boat Show, on a segment that is now neglected, especially by those manufacturers that only launch yachts from 12 to 20 metres.

We know how much Clear Marine puts luxurious yachts, including cabin cruisers, into the water with a typically Italian nautical taste and great design. But the aim of this range is to produce smaller boats “so that everyone can experience the joy of cruising” explains Giuseppe Messinese. And he adds, with great pragmatism: “we need a beginning to get to the end”.

The Aries Light Open is thus the new symbolic boat “for everyone”, useful for educating people about the taste for the sea while cultivating a new generation of “young” (or very young) owners. It has to be said, the objective is truly laudable and beneficial to recreational boating.

The Aries Light Open in detail

At first sight, the Aries Light Open immediately makes you want to own her. The boat is comfortable and trailerable because it weighs just 850 kg and has a maximum beam of just 2.25 metres. It is designed for outboards from 40 to 100 HP. It is perfect for cruising along the coast or on large lakes, where it will not encounter any complications in the narrow lake jetties.

In terms of cruising range, the Aries Light Open is also equipped with an attractive 125-litre fuel tank. The deck and hull are two overlapping composite moulds. In the model we saw at the Genoa Show, white was the dominant colour, but there are more than one choice available. The hull, observed down to the smallest detail when dry, is well marked by the waterlines, an excellent indication of this craft’s planing capabilities.

On board there is the possibility of installing a toilet below deck, which is accessed through the hatch on the left of the central console, which is always a nice advantage. Suitable for everyday use, this Clear Marine bijou is approved for eight people. Friends or family, the Aries Light Open is also a great place to sail with others. Her low-cost qualities also make her ideal for sharing ownership with a few sailing “partners”.

The standard 40HP engine delivers great planing performance at sea, with a top speed of around 25 knots. The central console is positioned slightly to starboard to leave room for a side-deck (to the left) that leads to the bow sundeck, which is very large and can also be converted into a table. At the helm, visibility is total and this contributes to “carefree” sailing.

In the cockpit, opposite the helm station, there is a comfortable trellis seat that can be used to lean back comfortably while cruising. Moving to the aft end, there is a champagne-coloured sofa where two or three people can sit in total comfort.

The tubular handrails aries light open at sea run along almost the entire perimeter of the boat. Together with the well-designed bulwarks, Clear Marine once again demonstrates great attention to safety at sea. What’s more, two elegant steel bollards at the bow are useful for mooring. At the end of the boat there is a special compartment for the anchor chain.

Giuseppe Messinese designs and engineers his own boats, offering a great guarantee of reliability and technology, backed by no less than 35 years of experience. He chose an unequivocal slogan for his boatyard on the Genoa Boat Show booth: “Luxury is not the possession of something that costs a lot, but it is the taste of knowing how to choose what is truly unique“. A word to the wise.

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