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Seven models exhibited in Düsseldorf, from the Atlantis 43 – an entry level model of respect – to the 24-metre 77S and a growth level which brings good cheer in the Azimut general headquarters.

The Boote 2017, just started in the German city, provides in fact the opportunity to reason about the numbers of the shipyard of Avigliana following the path set out by the analysis that Giovanna Vitelli, Vice-President of Azimut Benetti Group, and Marco Valle, Azimut Yacht Managing Director, did yesterday morning at the boat show.

Giovanna Vitelli Azimut Yachts Fly 50
Giovanna Vitelli, Vice President of Azimut Benetti Group

Two numbers exemplify this success: the growth is double-digit compared to the same period of the previous year (+15%) and runs at a double speed compared with the market’s one (+ 8%). The data refer to the first four months of the nautical year, that is from September to December 2016, when the shipyard, with 50% of the total turnover of the group, registered over 221 million euros in sales.

All this has been possibile, first of all, thanks to products, that is boats, which register a +27% increase in yachts over 24 m and a +18% growth in terms of yachts under 45 feet. In particular, the 66 Fly, presented at the Boot Düsseldorf last year, has been greatly successful, with 44 units already sold.


Azimut 66 Yachts Running
The Azimut 66 Fly


These products have achieved such an important outcome thanks to specific productive strategies, starting from the systematic use of carbon-tech, made possible thanks to years of investments in planning and process engineering, and commercial actions, founded on the direct presence in the international markets through the partnership with the best local operators.

The systematic use of carbon fibre – as explained during the press conference – is applied to the entire production of the group, from the smallest 16-metre boat to the upcoming 35-metre one. It’s a production choice made possible by the implementation of a new postcuring oven in the production site of Avigliana (Turin) which allows to maintain the production processes where carbon fibre is required within the establishment.

Carbon fibre reduces the boat weight by 20-40 % according to the type of resins used, maintaining an excellent mechanic resistance while increasing performances, spaciousness, comfort and dynamic stability.


The new Azimut Fly 50

If the Azimut press conference drew the attention of insiders, the new Fly 50, on the other hand, is the most attractive model among the seven ones brought at the Boote by Azimut Yachts. For many reasons. First of all, because this new version is the heir of an already successful boat; then, because of her size, still acceptable for a owner who want to have no crew, and, above all, because of the arrangement of the galley on the upper deck.

According to Federico Lantero, Azimut Marketing Communication Manager, this choice makes the boat more functional without compromising her elegance. Moreover, the moving of the galley creates a large free storage area on the lower deck, where additional appliances or pantry can be received.

The Fly 50 we saw in Düsseldorf certainly impressed us for the size of her upper deck, a sort of real 20-square-metre terrace decorated with new sofas specifically designed to create a very comfortable area on the flybridge reproducing the same comfort you can live at home. This new version wants to be an additional option and not a replacement of the classic 50-foot version where galley is located on the lower deck.

In the next 12 months, other 6 new models will join the already 26 ones currently under production.

Novelties will include the 27-metre and the 35-metre S7, of which seven and four units have been already sold, respectively, even before their production.

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