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Boatsandboats at the Boot, the Nautical Exhibition of Düsseldorf

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We are leaving to follow the Boot, the Nautical Exhibition organised every year in Düsseldorf. We will see and discover all the news of the biggest and, maybe, the most original nautical exhibition in Europe and we will tell you. Between the end of the last season and the beginning of the new one, this exhibition will give us the opportunity to see all the news but also the boats and accessories we missed at the  previous presentations last autumn.

A lot of motorboats, unlike the French exhibitions more oriented to sailing boats, and big boats, transported with spectacular operations along the Rhine but, the organisers admit it themselves, there is an increasing trend for sailing boats, in terms of exhibitors and visitors. Consequently, next to the traditional extra activities which usually take place in Düsseldorf, visitors will have the possibility to try to sail on small sailing boats, even those who are absolute neophyte ( we hope in warm waters). The exhibition pays much attention to water sports, too, and it is probably the most important exhibition in Europe for everything connected to water sports: scuba diving, windsurfing, paddling, kitesurfing and so on and so forth.

And if you don’t like boats particularly, you can meet some regatta participants or visit the stands where operators propose boat holidays. So, families will not get bored.

A particular space is devoted to luxurious yachts, very successful this year, with 60 luxurious boats, from tenders to megayachts. Engines, too, will be presented, from 2,5 horepower outboards to the most powerful ones.

Organisers are registering an increasing interest for sailing boats: more visitors, more exhibitors. Of course, the Boot of Düsseldorf is the house of the famous German brands, such as Hanse and Bavaria. But the exhibition will involve all the European brands; from the Northern brands to the English, French and Italian ones.





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