Boot Düsseldorf – German boating, the recovery continues

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Boot Düsseldorf, as always, is a chance to make a balance for the boating industry in Germany. And since what’s emerged until todays data it’s the clear picture of a recovering sector.

In fact every rumor is accompanied by the plus sign.

The most significant rumor is the one that regards the general market of the goods and services related to the boating industry, where a very important fact has emerged: the year 2015 has concluded with a total sales revenue of 1.817 milion euros, almost reaching the levels of 2008 and still marking an increase compared to last years 2,4 %.

To this positive datum concur nearly all the German boating sectors starting from the used market, that with its 308 milion euros and an increment of 4,5% compared to last year has achieved the biggest piece of cake that represents the entire compartment.

But also the new boat market sees a quite good plus sign with an increase in sales of 4,6% compared to 2014, and also the service and assistance market with a plus of 4,2%, represented by their 288 million sales revenue.

Good performance also by the charter sector, with a 3,9% increment.

And if in the exports market the value of the sailing sector records a decrease, passing from 723 milion euros of 2014 to the actual 559 million, the motor one compensates it positively, leaving last years revenue quoted 866 millions arriving to the conclusion of 2015 with a share of 884 millions.

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