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Cantieri Magazzù: luxury Maxi RIBs come on stage in Cannes and Genoa

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If we Cantieri Magazzù MX 12 Gran Sportcould summarize the definition of Italian Style with a picture, this would certainly be the image of a boat by Cantieri Magazzù. Elegance, sophistication and attention to details act as a background to the overview of these inflatable boats that, despite their definitively sporty lines, evoke pictures of endless class.

Characterized by performing and highly seaworthy hulls, the Maxi RIBs built by Cantieri Magazzù are part of a range of boats that, as further proof of their position on the high end of the series, goes from a minimum of 9 meters to the 18 meters of the MX 18 Coupé.

At Cannes Yachting Festival and, immediately after, at Genoa International Boat Show, two very particular boats will be exhibited, inaugurating the season of international boat shows: the MX 13 Coupé and the MX 12 Grand Sport. Let’s find them out together.

Cantieri Magazzù – MX 13 Coupè

Cantieri Magazzù MX 13 CoupéPerfect for medium- and long-range cruising, this Maxi RIB can be fitted with engine options of up to 1,200 horsepower for a top speed of over 50 knots. Offered in both inboard and outboard version, this model features really surprising interiors in terms of size and sense of space.

The lines of the Magazzù MX 13 Coupé combine interior volumes and boat design sublimely; large volumes are hidden by the deck that offers a incredibly large forward sun pad. The T-Top creates a pilot station equipped with 3 pilot seats while framing a huge sofa and two large sun pads in the stern.

Construction consists of composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy resin reinforcements; the result is a one-piece hull with unparalleled seaworthiness.

L.O.A: 13.30 m
Max Beam: 4.80 m
Water: 360 lt
Fuel: 2 x 470 lt
N° Pax: 24
Engines: max 1.200 hp
Propulsion: sterndrive, outboard engines or surface propellers
Speed: up to 55 Kts
Homologation: CE – B cat.
Construction: composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy resin reinforcements
Internal layout: a double cabin, dinette convertible in double berths, separate toilet with shower

Cantieri Magazzù – MX 12 Grand Sport

Cantieri Magazzù MX 12 Gran SportClass and adrenaline perfectly blend together within the lines of the Cantieri Magazzù MX 12 Gran Sport. Fitted with a small cabin, the boat offers a large bathroom equipped with a convenient separate shower compartment.

At night, first-class lighting systems brighten up a small masterpiece of yachting design that can meet even the needs of the most demanding customers. With a top speed of almost 60 knots, the MX 12 Gran Sport can be fitted with both outboard and inboard-outboard engines, with a maximum power of 900 horsepower.

L.O.A: 12.00 m
Max Beam: 3.80 m
Water: 360 lt
Fuel: 2 x 370 lt
N° Pax: 18
Engines: max 900 hp
Propulsion: outboard or sterndrive
Speed: up to 60 kts
Homologation: CE – B cat.
Construction: composite material with carbon fibre and epoxy resin reinforcements
Internal layout: toilet with shower inside the consolle

Both boats will join Cannes Yachting Festival and Genoa International Boat Show and, we’re sure of that, they will capture the attention of all visitors.

Cantieri Magazzù

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