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What are two aeronautical engineers doing in the world of yachting? They apply their knowledge, of course, along with a methodological approach to boat manufacturing since, after all, boats, like planes in the air, move in a very similar fluid called water.

MX LL 11 metri
MX LL (11 m)

Claudio and Renato Magazzù, together with their sister Tina, are the owners of the namesake boatyard and their goal is to pass on a family tradition inaugurated about 50 years ago when their father, Alfredo Magazzù, started to design and build sailboats and large ships and vessels, including the Alicudi motorsailer – of which more than 140 units were sold, – and ferries for the transportation of 600 passengers. Since then, the activity continued to grow in the field of naval and aeronautical systems in collaboration with companies such as Aeritalia and Dornier.

Today, every member of the family has his own tasks within the company: while Claudio takes care of all design aspects, Renato deals with structural and regulatory matters, both under the general supervision of Tina, Sales and Purchasing Manager of the boatyard.

Founded in Palermo, where general headquarters are still located, the company is a reality which efficiently represents the excellence of Made in Italy all around the world by manufacturing a large range of ribs ranging from 9 to metres.

We met Claudio and Renato during the last Cannes Yachting Festival, an appointment that the Sicilian company preferred to the Genoa International Boat Show which it decided not to take part to.

Our production – they told us – along with other high-end brands’ one needs a location where customers can approach to both ribs and our company quietly and take their time to analyze boats that, in their turn, often represent a jump from a boat size/type to another and almost never represent a first approach to yachting. This is possible in Cannes. On the contrary, the current organization of the Genoa Boat Show doesn’t allow for that”.

MX-13 Cantieri Magazzù
Cantieri Magazzù MX-13

The typical customer of Cantieri Magazzù is generally an experienced owner who often comes from large cabin-equipped boats. Many of them are megayacht owners and captains looking for a tender.

After all, as we’ve already said, the first model of the range – the M-Gt – is just 9 metres long. Available in two different versions – open and cabin-equipped – this boat features large unencumbered relaxation areas in both bow and stern sections.

Then, the family includes increasingly larger models. Cabin-equipped, the MX-LL can “fly” on the water at 60 knots; 12 metres long, the MX-12 is a sporty walk-around model while the 13-metre cabin -equipped MX-13 Coupé is a perfect combination between luxury and sporty design.

The MX-14Classic is a 14-metre rib with accommodation for 6 guests and unusual comfort and elegance standards. Finally, with a length of 18 metres, the MX-18 Coupé is the largest model of the range, equipped with two cabins and two bathrooms.

The company currently boasts impressive business results, with 200 ribs sailing all around the world and a successful market covering not just Italy but also France, Spain and many other countries.

Meanwhile, the boatyard is working on new interesting projects. ” We are currently looking at the results of market analyses and, above all, all the information we get from the relation with our network of dealers and customers – Claudio Magazzù told us. To grow in size is, of course, possible but our business orientation depends on data analyses in addition to a good dose of insight that never hurts. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. However, focus is not only on larger sizes“.




La pianta dell'MX-16 di Cantieri Magazzù
Cantieri Magazzù MX-16
MX-18 Cantieri Magazzù
Cantieri Magazzù MX-18


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