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Carbonautica is a well-known brand among sailors and yards. At the last METS in Amsterdam, we met Anton Bizjak (in the photo), owner of the company, who told us not only lots of things about his business, a real leader of the market, but also the striking spread of fiberglass composite and carbon in the production of boat steering wheels. Once considered as “exotic” optionals for extreme boats, now these materials are becoming a standard equipment increasingly required by owners. Carbonautica Anton Bizjak ruote timoneria carbonio composito

Carbonautica is a Slovenian company, from Velenje, which has existed for over 10 years and specialized in the production of wheels, gangways and deck accessories. At the moment it has 16 employers, a number – as Anton Bizjak told us – that is destined to increase fast…

How many wheels do you produce a year?
Carbonautica timone carbonio compositoAbout 2.800-3.000 pieces a year, 92% of which are made of glass fibre, while the others are in carbon. The numbers of our production increase every year.

Why composite wheels are so successful?

First of all, they ensure a better “grip” than traditional steel wheels while maintaining a balanced temperature. Then, maintenance almost disappears since the wheel will never oxidize. Finally, on racing boats, they reduce weight by about 35%.

Prices have significantly decreased. Until recently, composite wheels were very expensive..

Yes, you’re right. This is because, meanwhile, research has significantly stepped forward. Now, wheels can be produced very rapidly. Even though they still remain a difficult object to work, work hours are fewer. We need about 15-16 hours to produce a carbon wheel, 2-4 hours for a composite one.

Can you explain us briefly how a wheel is produced?
The aim is the production of a one-piece product. It comes from two symmetric moulds but the working flanges of one are superimposed over the other’s ones. The result is a fusion which produces a unique entire monolithic object. It is burned in the oven at 90° for 4-5 hours, according to its size.

Do you produce custom wheels?
Of course, we do. We create models for specific yards, such as Elan, X-Yachts and J Boats. On the other hand, we also produces small series for few samples, such as Vismara. We produce some one-off models, too: for the 12 boats of Clipper World Race, for example, we produced a series which was subject to a great stress in the ocean for 3 years. It was a very useful test for us. Only one wheel got broken but because of a collision.

Carbonautica timone carbonio verniciaturaSomeone claim that, unlike steel wheels which bend in case of collision, carbon wheel get broken.. Is it true?

Yes, it is, since carbon wheels tend to explode in these case. However, we have found the solution to this problem and we place some Kevlar inside the wheel, which prevents from explosion.

But steering wheels are only a part of your production, aren’t they?

Seven years ago, we started to produce gangways and some accessories, such as yoke lines, fairleads and cleats. All are in composite and produced on moulds.

Like wheels, also carbon and composite gangways are rapidly gaining ground, aren’t they?

Yes and even on motorboats, This is an absolute news which moves important numbers. In many cases, they take their place alongside hydraulic storable ones. 

Finally, can you tell us your three main values?

First of all, the high-quality of our products. Then, the excellent bonds we establish with our customers and, finally, our punctual deliveries.

Carbonautica passerella in carbonio



  1. My Steering wheels are damaged appear tp be rope burn marks.
    Elan 444 impression 2012.
    Anyway I can repair that???

    Thanks and Best Regards, mavra

  2. Hello 🙂

    i need a new steering wheel for a Beneteau First 40, can you help with that and what is the price?

    thank you very much for your answer.

    Regards John Rønn

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