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On test. Cayman 23.0 Sport: the RIB for everyone

Among the wide range on offer, the Cayman 23.0 Sport is the Ranieri International walk-around boat that intrigued us most. Maybe it’s because a little gem like this makes you want to cruise, or maybe it’s because the Cayman 23.0 Sport is an easy inflatable that brings young people closer to boating, without expecting too much but offering a lot. In what terms? For example, thanks to a really “superb” hull equipped with the renowned HIS system from the Soverato-based boatyard.

A hull that, designed as it is with its innovative “steps”, increases stability and comfort while reducing the boat’s consumption. A hull that provided great proof of itself during our test off the coast of Varazze. The tubulars have an impressive diameter of 60 centimeters. There’s sturdiness and safety on the whole, plus an attractive design. And a smart black/white colouring that it doesn’t get hot in extreme heat. There’s a large forward sundeck and plenty of space aft. On deck you can move around the bridge effortlessly. Asking for more is a crime of haughtiness.


A powerful Rib

The special features and reinforcing structures of the Cayman 23.0 Sport are the same as those of the other larger boats produced by the boatyard. Ranieri International boasts no less than 40 models, all more or less different and at least from four metres upwards. Ranieri International has already made a name for itself in the inflatable sector. And today it represents a certainty for anyone choosing high-level inflatables. Why? Because they produce large numbers of inflatable boats with attractive price lists.

consoleThe Cayman 23.0 Sport summarizes a lot in its simplicity, with an overall length of 7.10 meters. In other words, the certainty of owning a boat that is alternative to fibreglass crafts, and therefore more ‘green’ because it can be better disposed of in the future and is more fuel-efficient.

The Cayman 23.0 Sport weighs 700 kilograms and accommodates almost as many people as a minibus, 16 to be exact. But on board, let’s face it, six people are comfortable: good friends or families. People who like coastal trips, weekend outings, daily boat rides or small cruises.

Running costs are equally low. The Cayman 23.0 Sport is one of the gateways for those who want to get into yachting without fear, or perhaps are thinking of a shared group purchase. Or are looking for a quality tender for their yacht.

What’s more, it’s a Rib that’s suitable for those looking for what it has to offer, which is a lot and, we repeat, with a hull like this the Cayman 23.0 Sport shows its potential to the full even in rough seas.

Thanks to its 2.80-meter beam, it can be trailered, and even more so if you deflate the tubulars, obviously for transport, and then choose the optional 12-volt electric inflator, which is a great support.

Noteworthy is the 200-plus-liter fuel tank, perfect for a short, hassle-free Mediterranean island cruise, even at high speeds.

Cayman 23.0 Sport Sea Trial

Not surprisingly, during our sea trial of the Cayman 23.0 Sport, which began in Marina di Varazze (Liguria), we record optimum performance at a speed of 26 knots, keeping the engine revs at around 4 thousand and consuming 25 litres per hour. The boat’s day-test propulsion system consists of a Suzuki 175 HP engine, but the more demanding can opt for a more powerful 250 HP.

The testing day Ranieri International RIB tableis not exactly the best: southerly winds often bring swells, a classic Ligurian weather and sea eventuality, but luckily this did not happen. The waves, however, are 50 centimeters high, so we have to be careful. I climb aboard the Cayman 23.0 Sport and start to loosen the mooring line. That’s it: love at first sight. I immediately feel that Zen-like peace of things that aren’t difficult but are just fine. The first thought: “There’s what I need”.

The console also comes complete with a front seat. The dashboard is a luxury version, and there’s a stand-up locker in the cockpit, plus one with a door in the console. And there’s another aft locker for mooring accessories. There are two composite platforms in the aft (one with a telescopic ladder) around the impressive engine. The stern settee is graceful, comfortable and foldable, with a small table at the rear of the helm rest. At the bow, the sundeck is so large that it invites you to greet the sun (Surya Namaskara) and do it properly. No frills, the Cayman 23.0 Sport invites everyone to the sea and to enjoy it.

I look at the details. The upholstery of the cushions is a closed-cell structure, an attention to detail that limits infiltration as much as possible. The geometries of the on-board structures always prefer rounded shapes that don’t hit the body. There are plenty of grab handles on the tubulars so as not to obviate the safety issue. There are two bollards at the stern. A central handrail frames the windscreen, which is small but highly protective against the wind, as well as guaranteeing excellent visibility when cruising.


The bow locker is designed in counter-moulding, which keeps it clean and dry by isolating it from the bilge. Options include teak-finished decking, an electric anchor winch with composite bowsprit and steel chain link, or a folding stainless steel roll-bar with awning, plus lots more. The Touring version of the Cayman 23.0 Sport also has a changing room/toilet compartment inside the console.

There are three people on board the Cayman 23.0 Sport, and together we’re getting the same positive feeling. The closeness to the marine environment is all there, indeed total. There’s not that imposing ‘gap’ effect that large yachts oblige us to overcome by separating us from the sea.

The Cayman 23.0 Sport clearly explains what she is by her name. Iridescent in her functionality, adventurous and easy. The border between the boat and the sea is almost broken down (everything on board is a panorama), but the large tubulars and large hull offer a clear and palpable feeling of safety.

At the helm, I leave the marina at code speed and, surprisingly, the engine noise doesn’t even seem to cover the music from the optional stereo system on our Cayman 23.0 Sport. The crew member has chosen to play a song by Piero Ciampi: “ Te lo faccio vedere chi sono io” (You shall see who am I). And the Cayman Sport 23.0 seems to respond accordingly.

Planing performance

I head for the waves by increasing speed, the hull doesn’t hit the water at all, on the contrary it seems to brush the crests, adapting to the shape of the sea. The Cayman 23.0 Sport really shows a nice character. The 175 HP engine delivers great performance. I push the throttle down and it’s amazing.

Cayman 23

The Cayman 23.0 Sport’s wake is neat and linear. In planing we are at only 9.5 knots, the engine is at just 2,500 rpm. The power of the outboard, supported by the great directionality of the Cayman 23.0 Sport, takes us up to 42 knots of top speed in a few seconds, which tends to increase because we are returning with the wind at our back. Great, cruising like this is a pleasure.

The stern is glued to the water and I slow down to try a few tight turns, to which the Cayman 23.0 Sport responds brilliantly. At 26 knots and with the trim at 25 per cent we consume 25 liters per hour. The superior handling performance of the Ranieri International Rib is clear to see. And I can’t stop thinking about how easy it is to access a boat of this size for a trip down the coast, or an unexpected mooring, perhaps with a line or anchor ashore.



The Cayman 23.0 Sport is a great way to get into yachting with plenty of satisfaction and minimal effort, not to mention the fact that it is the perfect tender for the more senior boats. And if, in the 1970s, Piero Ciampi wanted to offer his lady a submarine because the others had a “boat”, we would certainly recommend a more appropriate choice: a beautiful boat like this, brand-new and Made in Italy.

Test data

Speed in knots


Consumption in l/h

9.4 (planing)












Cayman 23.0 Sport Technical Specs


7.10 m


2.80 m

Tubular Diameter

0.60 m



Passengers Capacity



700 kg


1 or 2 outboards

Minimum Power

100 HP

Max Power

250 HP

Engine Shaft


Fuel Tank

205 l

Water Tank

45 l

Design Category



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