Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring: the Mini Maxi RIB from Ranieri that we’ve all been waiting for

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Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring: when saying RIB means marine adventure and daring as much as possible, discovering creeks and coves with great ease. Ranieri International, with this brand new addition to the 2022 range, brings to the market a mini-maxi RIB that includes luxury finishes and a generous 7.80 meters of overall length. Somebody will have had the chance to try it out during the Ranieri International Open Days held just before the summer boat shows. And we in the editorial staff did the same.


What surprised us in this test were the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring’s excellent performance in terms of seaworthiness and directionality. Hydraulic steering was good enough to respond with perfect turning. After all, Ranieri’s hulls are renowned and offer certainties and incontrovertible guarantees. What is also striking is the great care taken over the luxury details provided by the Soverato-based yard, which has been surprising the public for a long time now with its accurate and very affordable boats.

Cayman Sport Touring: many versions available

The Cayman Sport Touring line includes four different versions, the small 23.0, the 26.0 and the 27.0, ending with the flagship of the range, the 31. Each one makes sense according to the use the owner has to make of it, so we can only give advice based on the type of need of the owner.
The Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring, Cayman-26.0-Sport-Touring-2 which we tested, is undoubtedly the most functional choice, a middle ground that covers all the basic needs.
It offers, we repeat, interesting dimensions and prices, with the added value of a truly attractive aesthetic factor, including the really wide bow sundeck. 
The Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring is appealing at and easy to trailer: the beam stops at 2.80 metres and weighs (only) 1,200 kilograms.
Young and spirited, it is also very satisfying just to stay at anchor for a sea picnic on sunny days in the low season.
For a day out on the high seas, cruising is also comfortable for the passengers, thanks to the face-to-face sofas at the stern, which are always served by handrails. These are available both behind the seats on the aft side and in the roll-bar that supports the aft-mounted awning. The gunwales are padded on the starboard and port sides and this is always appreciated by those who prefer a soft seat.

Cayman-26.0-ST-cockpit The cockpit has two sophisticated seats joined together in a small sofa with a fold-down seat, so you can stand or sit comfortably at the helm and the view of the bow is relatively clear, considering the linearity of the flooring, which is in itself an aesthetic advantage and in any case easier to manoeuvre than staggered ones.
Safety is never put aside at Ranieri, because the windscreen frame on the dashboard in a central position also acts as a handrail. The Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring is a walk-around that stands out precisely because of the dominance of the center console. As black as it is designed, it looks ultra-sporty and automotive-inspired. What’s more, on the bow side, the console is equipped with a reclining armchair, which is perfect for front-sea cruising and is undoubtedly the most sought-after position after the helm.

Toilet compartment

Above all, there is the possibility of equipping the Ranieri boat with a toilet inside the console, which is really appreciated by everyone and otherwise serves as a very useful changing room. The compartment is equipped with two portholes for proper ventilation and can also be closed from the inside, thanks to a hatch fitted with two pistons.

The Cayman 26.0 Sport toilet compartment Touring’s compelling design includes plenty of class and sportiness. It is also a fascinating RIB in terms of decors and options. It has a wealth of details that are always appreciated, including the fantastic cushionery with the engraved Ranieri logo.

Optional extras include a folding stern table in King Starboard or teak. And don’t forget the (magnificent) tubulars in Black carbon/Artic.

If you like music on board, you can also add a stereo system to transform the Cayman into a party boat for parties in the harbour. And at this point the external stainless steel fridge is a must.

Or, to request, there’s a nice roll-bar mounted headlight, which is as useful as you can get for night-time outings (and parties).

The Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring comes with a host of standard accessories and equipment. Among the options available are: the fibreglass bowplate, LED lights in the cockpit, the complete closed-cell console, sunbathing cushions at the bow, the gas extractor fan, the anchor locker in the counter moulding, a locker in the cockpit with hatch and an additional locker at the stern for mooring accessories. You’re spoilt for choice, but now let’s think about cruising.

Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring Sea Trial

Leaving the marina at Varazze, the sea is not too rough today with waves of fifty centimeters. It promises to be a splendid day thanks to the sun and the west wind. The Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring is powered by a Honda BF 250 VTEC, a beautiful engine capable of delivering great acceleration and surprising top speeds. The design of the boat is well thought out to serve powers from 175 to a maximum of 250 HP. 

However, you have to test the carriage to see how the horse performs. So I’m really looking forward to getting the throttle down. Before releasing the mooring line from the four stainless steel bollards supplied with the boat, I pause for a moment to look at the details.

The stern platforms are made of fibreglass and have a telescopic ladder. There’s an automatic bilge pump with its own system and a gas extractor fan. The fuel tank is made of cross-linked polyethylene and holds 260 liters, while the water tank holds 60 liters. It should be noted that the Cayman we tested is also equipped with a full shower system.

After leaving the harbour at the usual three knots, I gain speed. There are three of us on board, two of us are a bit heavy, the sailor is not a featherweight and the total crew weighs at least 220 kilos. I put the bow of the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring against the waves and the keel doesn’t slam at all. On the contrary, it responds by riding them properly.

I reach the coastline to skim the half-meter wave, which, thanks to the close proximity, is less annoying and makes it easier to record performance data. The Cayman, put in the right direction, is a beautiful rocket: In a matter of seconds we’re at 26.5 knots, at 10 we were already gliding. The Honda BF 250 VTEC revs 4,100 times a minute, the thruster doesn’t cavitate at all thanks to the Cayman’s precise progress. And, at this speed, consumption is rational, at least for fast cruising: 34 l/h!


Excellent planing performance

Ranieri’s RIB takes the hull out of the water beautifully and the feeling of control is total. But we want to have more fun and see maximum performance. I set the trim to 3/4: the dashboard on the bridge shows 4,900 rpm – 29 knots – 45 Lt/h, but I still dare, considering the sensibly reduced wave height. Our top speed is 42.6 knots – 6,300 rpm – 85 Lt/h. I quickly look at the wake we’re leaving and it’s perfect.

I reach a high speed to test the manoeuvrability of the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring and draw a big circle passing over the wave I’ve created. The boat responds technically brilliantly. The 60 centimeter tubulars at the stern rest well on the water at the right time. When gliding, the aft is very firm. The hull of the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring is not afraid of turns and counter-turns. And it doesn’t even react to the waves of a few boats that we encountered on purpose during the test.

Flexible, versatile and easy-to-handle: conclusions

The simplicity of a RIB like this is perhaps its greatest asset. Because behind it lies a myriad of possibilities. With the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring, this includes easy mooring, even with an anchor or line ashore. Easy handling, low fuel consumption and maintenance costs compared to a heavy yacht. And the easy navigation down the coast to discover coves and inlets, without having to launch the tender from the yacht, that is priceless.

Asking a lot was the aim of this test, but the Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring passed it brilliantly. There are no hesitations. We return to port thinking that a Cayman like this is a good reason to keep the car we have at home (which is fine) and think instead of enjoying the sea with a Made in Italy boat, which is a whole other experience. And there are no speed cameras.

Cayman 26.0 Sport Touring-Test Data

5.31,5005.7 l/h
82,0008.6 l/h
102,40011.1 l/h
17.53,10019 l/h
26.54,10034 l/h
294,90045 l/h
42.66,30085 l/h

Technical Specs

LOA7.80 m
Max Beam2.80 m
Tubular Diameter0.60 m
Passengers Capacity18
Weight1,200 kg
Max Power250 HP
Mon Power175 HP
Engine and Shaft Lenght1XL
Fuel Tank260 l
Water Tank60 l
Design CategoryB

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