Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition

Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition: Ranieri International unveils a new jewel in Miami.

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It’s hard not to be dazzled by the new Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition, where the contrast between the leather and the absolute black (used for tubulars, fiberglass, and metal parts) is truly striking. A chromatic antagonism that, on one hand, gives Ranieri International’s Maxi-Rib a “tough” look, while on the other hand, it clearly highlights the quality (and quantity) of the leathers used and the attention to detail in the shipyard’s craftsmanship.


Measuring just under 12 meters, the Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition boasts a beam of almost four meters in width, providing it with significant spaciousness, notably evident in the aft cockpit, which alone can seat more than eight people. The boat’s interior is surprisingly generous for a Rib of this size, featuring an indoor dinette convertible into a VIP cabin, a full-beam master cabin in the stern and even a separate bathroom with separate shower.

The performance of the new Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition

Impressive are the performances that this Maxi-Rib promises, powered on this occasion by two Verado V10 400 engines, with the possibility of accommodating three engines for a maximum power of 1,200 horsepower. To give you an idea of how the Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition might navigate, we refer you to the test of the Trofeo version, which was presented, equally exciting, in the waters of Miami.

What about the top speed? Well, the Trofeo version we tested, equipped with “only” 700 horsepower at that time, had already reached a maximum speed exceeding 50 knots. I can only imagine and shudder with joy at the thought of throttling down with a triple set of Verado 400 engines, witnessing the speedometer of the new Cayman 38.0 Executive Black Limited Edition approach the fateful threshold of 70 knots…

Perhaps that’s why I can’t wait to be invited to test it.


Technical Specs


11,7 m

Max Beam

3,8 m

Tubular Diameter

65 cm



Dry Weight

3.500 Kg

Minimum Power


Max Power


Outboard Shaft


Fuel Tank Capacity

750 L

Water Tank Capacity

150 L

Passengers Capacity




CE Category


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