Cayman 38 Executive Ranieri International
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The Cayman 38 Executive Ranieri International Cayman 38 Executiveis not only the flagship of Ranieri International’s fleet. A 12-meter Maxi Rib that combines large outdoor spaces with two double cabins and one separate bathroom, in fact, is not an everyday thing, especially if the presence of such voluminous indoor spaces is not at all perceived from the outside.

This maxi RIB is distinguished by a sleek and sporty design, further enhanced by the presence of multiple outboards in the stern which, ranging from 600 to 1,200HP, promise to offer a truly exciting sailing experience.

All these ingredients had already drawn our attention but, when we were offered to test the Cayman 38 Executive in the ocean waters of Miami, we could not resist and climbed on board.

Ranieri International Cayman 38 Executive Sea Trial

Ranieri International MiamiIt’s early in the morning when we leave the Miami Marine Stadium. This is a low-speed limit zone and we take the opportunity to become familiar with the boat. There’s five of us on board but we hardly see each other: the deck plan is generous and there are many areas to sit and enjoy the view.

Miami’s skyline, in the fresh air and the early morning lights, is irresistible and everyone simultaneously takes his own mobile phone for some photos. The Cayman 38 moves slowly, cutting through the water without hesitation. The hull which she is equipped of is stepped, therefore sturdier and capable of significantly reducing the overall friction.

Once the bridge that marks Cayman 38the low-speed area is crossed, I can finally begin to push the gas throttles forward. We have 700HP in the stern and the Cayman 38 Executive does not hesitate to spring forward. In a blink of an eye, we get the boat on plane and the speed log starts to display increasingly important numbers. In 10 seconds, we reach 30 knots; in little more than 15, we’re running at 40 knots!

Yet, we are on board a Maxi Rib with full tank and two cabins below deck, but the overall curb weight of 4 tons does not seem to scare this boat that, on the contrary, acts as a sporty Rib. Nevertheless, it’s just the weight that, along with the stepped hull, gives the Cayman 38 an incredible course stability, even at high speed.

Cayman 38 ExecutiveI slow down, make sure that the other passengers are hanging on and start a sequence of increasingly tight turns. The Rib performs them without hesitation. Sure, inclination is evident but, even when turning at 25-30 knots, the boat always conveys a feeling of stability. I turn around and look at the other passengers, they are all sitting in complete safety and the space around them is quite enough to stay comfortable even in these conditions.

I resume a straight line route and push the throttles all forward. In an instant, the speed log displays 40, 45,46, 47 knots, I adjust the trim and the speed continues to increase up to 50.7 knots. I keep this speed for some minutes. The sea is slightly rough but, even at high speed, the Cayman is perfectly stable and seems to run on tracks.

Cayman 38 Executive Performance

Rpm Speed L/h under power L/h in total l/nm
600 3 2 4 1.33
1,000 5.6 5 10 1.79
1,500 7 8 16 2.29
2,000 8.5 13.8 27.6 3.25
2,500 10.1 22 44 4.36
3,000 14.8 30 60 4.05 planing speed
3,500 22.5 37 74 3.29
4,000 30.1 42 84 2.79
4,500 35.1 56 112 3.19
5,000 39.2 78 156 3.98
5,500 44.1 95 190 4.31
6,000 48.2 110 220 4.56
6,300 50.7 117 234 4.62 max speed

Deck Plan

Once climbed on board, Cayman 38 deck planwe can’t help but notice the size of the stern platform and its propensity to facilitate the “bathing activities” of a whole family or a large group of guests.

Continuing forward, we find a large U-shaped sofa that can seat up to 8 people in total comfort thanks to a clever folding seat that appears only when needed. The table in the middle of the cockpit is electric and, when lowered to the sofa level, creates a large sundeck where 3 guests can lie down without contact.

At the bow, we find a wet bar with stove, sink, fridge and everything you need to enjoy your lunchtime without having to go down to the dinette every five minutes. The driving console houses two helm seats with an appropriate distance from the controls and good view in all directions.

Amidships, there is a structure with the staircase leading below deck on the left, the steering wheel and all instruments on the right. The lateral dimension of this structure is excellent and guarantees instant access to the bow from both sides.

Further ahead, there is the passenger seat that, integrated into the huge sundeck, is an authentic chaise longue to relax.

Cayman 38 profile


Ranieri-International-interiorsGoing down in the womb of the Cayman 38 Executive causes a strange sensation. Indoor dimensions are so large that they seem not to correspond to the outside. Having walked the four steps that lead to the center of the dinette, we find ourselves in a space where we can stand without any problems. On the left, there is a large U-shaped sofa that can convert into a bow cabin, even if I personally prefer the first configuration, considering that two other dinettes are available on the deck.

Opposite, the bathroom offers surprising dimensions while on the starboard side, just underneath the stern, a huge cabin exploits the whole maximum beam of the boat, that is little less than 4 meters! Sure, you can’t stand in this cabin but the headroom is enough to sleep there in total relax.

Cayman 38 Executive, interior layout

Technical Specifications

LOA 11.7 m
Max Beam 3.8 m
Tubular Diameters 65 cm
Compartments 8
Dry Displacement 3.,Kg
Min. Power 600
Max Power 1,200
Outboard Shaft 2XXL – 3XXL
Fuel Capacity 750 L
Water Capacity 150 L
Passenger Capacity 24
Berths 4
CE category B

Motonautica F.lli Ranieri Srl

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