Ranieri Cayman Sport Touring

Ranieri International: Cayman Sport Touring 23.0 and 26.0 in Genoa

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Ranieri International participated at the 61st Genoa International Boat Show with some great novelties. Among them, the Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring, an inflatable boat with extreme easy navigation capabilites; and the Cayman 26.0 Touring, the longest RIB of the range on display, presented for the occasion in dark grey tones contrasted by black patches affixed to the tubulars and pinkish-coloured deck. Extra luxury, prestige and great attention to detail are the main features of the boats built by the boatyard which, founded in the 1970s by Pietro Ranieri, makes 80% of the components for his boats in-house. One of the distinctive features of these two Ribs that were exhibited in Genoa is the Fully Develloped Cockpit System by Ranieri International used in the design phase. What’s more, the hull is assembled with the deck using C.S.A. technology, which makes it possible to absorb shocks to the cockpit in an absolutely appropriate way.

Cayaman 23.0 Sport Touring 23.0 and 26.0 also boast extreme ease of transport onshore: they are trailerable, “sturdy and comfortable”. In short, perfect for a day out at sea, these boats allow to enjoy hassle-free cruising. Ranieri International offers boats that boast the use of innovative materials and “the most advanced manufacturing techniques“, as the shipyard explains.

Cayman Sport Touring 26.0

Looking closely at the preview photos that have come into our possession, the Cayman Sport Touring 26.0 features a roll-bar at the stern on which the awning should be rolled. The cockpit has a useful sofa for at least three people facing forward. In the central part, the steering console is protected by a small darkened windscreen framed by a steel frame. There are two control armchairs with folding seats. The walk-around area leads to t he bow where there is a large sundeck that can accommodate at least two adults. A small folding seat with backrest is also located forward of the console. And here is also a changing cabin. All the upholstery is in an elegant pinkish colour that emphasizes the Rib’s sporty yet classic lines. The bow marks its end with the steel bowplate and attached winch. The outboard propulsion is the owner’s choice. The overall length reaches 7.80 metres while the beam is 2.80. The Cayman Sport Touring 26.0 is fitted with an outboard engine of up to 300 HP and has a dry displacement of 1,250 kilograms.

The other RIB from Ranieri International in Genoa

Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring 23.0 Cayman 23.0 Sport Touring 23.0 “is a lightweight RIB”, a little more agile than the 26.0 (dry displacement is 800 kg). Agile and versatile, this inflatable boat is perfect for short-range cruising. Apparently small in size, the boat has instead an overall length of 7.10 meters and a beam of 2.80. Moreover, the RIB can be fitted with propulsion up to 250HP. The sundeck at the bow conceals a counterbalanced locker which is very appreciated for storing on-board equipment. At the stern there is a folding table and the settee facing forward, while the console sees “a comfortable two-seater driving seat with boolster system for both seated and standing use”. Another special feature is that the forward console also contains a changing room with a hatch where an electric marine toilet can be installed.

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