Naviop CSD-3200 multifunction bridge

Centrostiledesign designs the new Naviop CSD 3200 technology platform

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The CSD 3200 multifunction bridge is an integrated ship control system designed by Centrostiledesign CEO Davide Cipriani for Naviop.

Designed for the Italian company, leader in the manufacture of marine monitoring and control systems, the device is not only characterized by an attractive design but, also and above all, offers extreme ease of use that makes it the ideal system to install on board last generation boats.

Navio has presented Davide Cipriani CSD 3200 in worldwide premiere at 2018 MetsTrade, where it aroused great interest among visitors and nautical experts. Always on this occasion, the integrate control system was, indeed, selected by nationally and internationally renowned shipyards for their own new generation yachts.

The futuristic plug and play technology makes installation of the CSD 3200 system easy on every type of boats.

This technological jewel offers boat owners a completely free visual space in the helm station thanks to the presence of four displays, one of which is electrically operated. The upper display is user-friendly and provides the helmsman with instant control and monitoring of all the space around.

CSD 3200 consists of a full-glass surface, a wheel with reworked proportions for ease of use and, finally, a steel pedestal for fully free-standing console installation in the helm room. A focal point of the bridge is the folded glass slab that houses the touchscreen monitors.

Naviop CSD 3200 multifunction bridgeThe fascinating appearance and the soft lines of its design makes CSD 3200 stylistically perfect for installation on modern yachts and to meet the most demanding owners’ needs. Its elegant aesthetic is highly customizable ; the central cover in Nabouk, for instance, features contrast stitching and golden details and can be customized with fabric or leather upholstery. In this respect, it must also be said that the prestigious atelier Foglizzo makes available a sophisticated range of natural leather.

Davide Cipriani has expressed all his satisfaction at having collaborated with a industry-leading company like Naviop. The collaboration with the company is certainly a source of great pride and satisfaction. According to Centrostiledesign CEO, the new integrated ship control system is a product that will have the capacity to win a wide slice of the market since it can be easily adapted for yachts of different type and size.

High technology and ease of use are therefore the duo that distinguishes CSD 3200. This futuristic console is and will be highly successful.

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