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Cetera 60, and nothing will ever be the same again

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Cetera 60: when the enclosed flybridge becomes synonymous with open spaces

Have you ever stopped to think Cetera 60 yachtwhat your ideal yacht would look like if you had the chance to design it from scratch, starting from a blank sheet of paper?

You’d probably draw lines that are very different from the standards (I don’t like the word itself) that the boatyards have accustomed us to, perhaps more suited to your needs, and certainly designed to enjoy the beauty that only contact with the sea can give.

On the other hand, it’s enough to refer to terrestrial architecture and think that if the best possible solution were the one to which the nautical world has accustomed us, then all villas would have their bedrooms below ground and the best view in the house would be from the kitchen!

But luckily, even in the nautical world, an enlightened pencil sometimes come along and starts drawing out-of-the-ordinary lines, designed and conceived outside the box. Lines that are more suited to the needs of owners than to the construction requirements of the shipyards.

This is certainly the case with the Cetera 60 and the magnificent work carried our by Francesco Guida, an innovation that certainly couldn’t go unnoticed, so much so that we decided to analize it in detail.

How the Cetera 60 is made

The stern

Who says we have to have a fixed beach area at the stern? When manoeuvring in port, it’s a nuisance and has the annoying downside of unnecessarily “lengthening” mooring costs.

When sailing, it’s a pain in the neck and inevitably ruins the yacht’s aesthetics, which also goes around carrying around an ugly and useless appendage which, moreover, since it is constantly exposed to the weather, is the portion of teak that gets damaged first…

Cetera 60 top view

But while it is impossible to match the beauty of a clean-designed stern, it is certainly indispensable when at anchor.

In the Cetera 60, thanks Cetera 60 beach areato a simple and effective solution, an electrically-operated mechanism has been developed to swing the platform up and down and make it available only when needed, i.e. when at anchor.

Would you like to go ashore? Another servomechanism raises the aft sofa to reveal a tender compartment with a crane that allows to put the dinghy in the water effortlessly.

Do you know that monstrosity of a swim platform, tender and safety straps that spoils the beauty of most yachts?

stern cockpitThanks to Francesco Guida’s genius, this technical and, above all, aesthetic problem is totally absent from the Cetera 60, which makes it possible to create one of the most beautiful sterns on the market.

Continuing our exploration, we find the aft saloon which, given the size of the sofas and the fact that they are convertible, also functions as a sundeck.

Thanks to a large folding table, passengers can dine al fresco or simply enjoy the day from a privileged position.

The two side cabinets also contain a refrigerator and remote controls for mooring, which, from here without the hindrance of a platform, really becomes a piece of cake.

Cetera 60: main deck

It is on entering the Cetera 60 master cabinmain deck that we get our first surprise. Instead of the usual galley, which steals

the best view of the boat, a long central corridor connects spaces that, before the arrival of the Cetera 60, were relegated to the bowels of the boats.

Three large cabins, each with a private head and separate shower, are literally invaded by natural light and the view outside which, thanks to these huge windows, finally becomes part of everyday life.

Here there are a double guest suite, a VIP suite and, of course, a spectacular Master Suite with side tables and boiserie.

Continuing down the corridor we find the steps leading to the Guest Lounge, another touch of genius on this boat.

This area originates from a very beautiful cocktail cabinet and extends across the entire beam to create an immense space which, through the double forward door, forms a whole with the wonderful open-air dinette in the bow.

Cetera 60 livingCetera bow

Just to give you an idea, the sensation is that of being in a penthouse with a roof-top, where all the rooms are specifically designed to offer the best possible panorama which, while sailing between the most beautiful bays, will never cease to excite us.

But the surprises don’t end there because, as we are about to discover, this penthouse also has a fantastic super-attic …..

Upper deck

If enclosed flybridges are being so successful, and not just in mild climates, there must be a reason. Climbing a staircase with stainless steel handrails, we reach the upper deck of the Cetera 60 and are immediately dazzled by the 360-degree view.

The huge windows all around the perimeter of this area, together with the large sunroof, effectively remove all barriers to the outside.

dining room upper deckCetera 60 helm station

On the starboard side there is a huge table that can seat eight guests, all of whom can enjoy the surrounding panorama even when seated. To the left is a very long linear unit with a galley and plenty of storage space.

Forward, in a position of maximum visibility, is the helm station, which has two comfortable seats and is also served by a lovely sofa on the left. It’s a great way to cruise slowly, enjoy the view and chat with friends.

Lower deck

On the lower deck, the noisiest and most vibrant place, where other yachts normally have guest cabins (laughing smile), the Cetera 60 instead has the engine room, technical compartments and an incredible stowage area.

Further forward, respecting the crew’s wellbeing, there is a fourth cabin dedicated to them, with two single beds, head and separate shower room.

crew cabin headcrew cabin


The Cetera 60 is a definitively innovative boat, so much so that it is difficult to classify her in a precise definition and perhaps this is her first great merit. Powered by two IPS 700 engines, she sails with total ease, both in displacement and when she gets up on plane at a respectable cruising speed of 20 knots.

Characterized by a design that overturns normality, she is at ease in both the coldest climates and in the height of summer where, fully open, she offers breathtaking views everywhere, no matter where you are on board.

After visiting her and imagining ourselves embarking on a weekend, the only question that arises is: is the Cetera 60 innovative or is the rest of the market lagging behind?

Cetera 60 – Technical Specs

LOA18.28 m
LOA (enclosed bridge)17.72 m
Waterline Length15.74 m
Displacement27 ton
Max Bea,5.48 m
Theoretical displacement hull speed10.06 kn
Max Speed23 kn
Cruising speed20 kn
Fuel Tank1,500 l
Water Tank600 l
Engines2 x IPS 700
Design CategoryEC B

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