Columbus Tomahawk explorer vessel


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Her name comes from a North American Indian battle axe but Tomahawk is a revolutionary explorer vessel. Marco Casali – designer of the yacht together with the technical department of Palumbo Group – has conceived this first concept of 499 GT as a performing stable ship following Insenaval’s nautical research.

Columbus Tomahawk 52 Explorer Vessel Like an axe, the bow is designed for a good “sharp” impact with sea while recalling the strength and profile of the ancient weapon.

Tomahawk is a concept which can be developed in sizes ranging from 40 up to 100 m: a full-custom yacht able to satisfy all the needs of her owner.

Design an spaces are the same of a luxury superyacht, of course. All areas are extremely comfortable and well-located.

Volumes are extra large, starting from the beach area which extends over three different levels for a total surface of 200 square metres. The astern bridge faces the sea and can accomodate a 2×12 m tender. 4 sky jets, a submarine and some water motors can be received in an underlying garage together with some ribs and water toys. A fore garage can accomodate an additional tender and some water toys.

Columbus Tomahawk 52 superyacht explorer vessel
The crane originally designed for tenders and submarines can also keep raised a sun umbrella to shadow most of the beach area, here designed with a swimming pool.

Completely free, the area hosts a large swimming pool (6x 2.5 m) and there’s enough room even for a 9×7 m basket court, free standing tables and some sofas.

The crane originally designed for tenders and submarine can also keep a sun umbrella raised to shadow most of the

Marco Casali comments: ” Tomahawk is conceived as a yacht inside a ship because of her comfort qualities. The owner’s cabin (75sqm) lies at the bow with its forward facing windows overlooking a 21-square-metre private terrace with its sun bathing platform and Jacuzzi: a clear 180 degree view in total privacy. The guest area on the lower deck is connected to the gym-spa area with windows overlooking the beach club. The guests and the owner may reach the beach area, the pool and the water directly without passing through the saloons. A unique dining area is hosted in the bow with an American bar and a cinema/karaoke space. The crew area is also larger than usual and focuses on the quality of the space”.

Columbus Tomahawk Explorer Vessel top view
On-board areas can be all custom-made. In the picture above, the astern bridge is converted in to a basket court.

Tomahawk can also equipped with a MCA-compatible helipad and a larger pilot house enjoying a perfect view both while mooring and sailing in any area.










Overall length                                          51.3 m                                                             

Max Width                                               10.25 m                                                           

Draught  (full-load)                              2.70 m                                                             

Cruising speed                                        14 knots                                        

Maximum speed                                     15.5 knots

 Displacement (full-load)                      540 tons                                   

Range at 12 kn                                         4000 mn                                                          

Engines:        2 x MTU 12V4000 M53R 1140KW@1600 rev/m

 Fuel                                                        100.000 l

Water                                                     20.000 l

Sewage                                                  20.000 lt                                             

Guest and master cabins                   5/10                

Construction material                       Steel and aluminium league

Naval architect                                    Insenaval/ Palumbo Group

Exterior design                                    Marco Casali/Palumbo Group

Interior Designer                                 Marco Casali/Palumbo Group

 Classification                                        American Bureau of Shipping Croce di Malta A1,

                                                                  Yachting Service, AMS,  ACCU Compliance LY3


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