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Corvetta 24: Mussini’s craftsmanship at Genoa Boat Show

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The historic shipyard of Giorgio Mussini “paraded” at the event with the elegant Corvetta 24 

It’s been 40 years since the Utility Portofino, the Mussini Corvetta 24 Portofinowooden-forged masterpiece which quickly became a worldwide success, was born. 40 years later, the historic shipyard of Giorgio Mussini joins the 60th Genoa International Boat Show with what is the natural evolution of the Utility, the Corvetta 24, an English-inspired speed boat based on a compromise which fully meets the needs of contemporary owners: if on the one hand the fiberglass hull requires a less demanding maintenance than wood, on the other hand the handcrafted finishes keep intact the elegant and refined line of the Ligurian shipyard, giving that unmistakable feeling of “handmade” that only wood is able to convey.

Craftsmanship, in fact, has always been the hallmark of Mussini boats which, since 1949, have been built with love and passion in the fishing village par excellence, Portofino, a marine showcase that cannot be more identifying.

Nevertheless, the shipyard founded by Giorgio and led together with his son Gaetano since the 1980s, while maintaining the “handmade” spirit that has made the brand famous all over the world, has also been able to renew itself and keep up with the times. Hence the choice to parade on the “catwalk” of Genoa with the Corvetta 24, the shipyard’s most representative speed boat whose aesthetic and functional characteristics perfectly interpret this double concept of tradition and innovation.

Mussini Corvetta 24 sternMussini Corvetta 24 logo

On board the most representive speed boat of Portofino

Mussini Corvetta 24 Genoa Boat ShowThe hull – which, as mentioned above, is made of fiberglass – is rather flat. This allows the boat to be more stable than traditional Ligurian gozzi, even in the harshest sea conditions.

The deep V-profile of the bow guarantees a soft impact against the waves while the Yanmar 110HP engine in the stern delivers a cruising and a top speed of 16 and 18 knots respectively. In other words, in addition to being safe, the Corvetta 24 is also fast and, as Emanuela Bertullo, Giorgio Mussini’s granddaughter, illustrates, she is also easily maneuverable thanks to her stern flaps and bow thruster which, unusual on small-sized boats, is however useful for those who have to deal with tight moorings like those in Portofino.

The Corvetta 24 is Mussini Corvetta 24 deckan extremely comfortable and spacious boat. We realize that as soon as we step onto the stern platform, which looks like a comfortable terrace in steel and solit teak ( the model exhibited is entirely refined in solid teak but the owner can also opt for a mahogany or mahogany-and-teak finish), equipped with bathing ladder and pull-out shower.

The cockpit is extraordinarily large and, when necessary and with the installation of an additional table, can turn into a large and welcoming outdooor dinette. Not surprisingly, one of the main features of this and all Mussini-branded boats is the large liveable space on board, which, on the Corvetta 24, continues in the bow, where passengers can enjoy a huge sunbathing platform.

Mussini Corvetta 24 cabinAfter showing us the helm station, equipped with the most technologically advanced tools and embellished with a luxury mahogany rudder, Emanuela takes us below deck, where the sleeping zone consists of a twin-bedded cabin with two large storage compartments, a wardrobe which can convert into a fridge, a sink and an electric toilet in the bow.

Contrary to the popular notion that speed boats are usually inhospitable, the Corvetta 24 is anything but a spartan boat. This is particulary proved by the lower deck, where the spaces are longitudinally generous and with good headroom. Furthermore, the porthole positioned forward above the toilet zone makes the interior bright.

In conclusion, despite being designed for daytime outings with family and friends, the Corvetta 24 is a fully-fledged day-cruiser, classic in design and innovative in her multiple functions. ” Between the Utility Portofino, the Paraggina 10 and the Paraggina Tender, which are our models offered for sale – Emanuela explains – we have chosen to exhibit the Corvetta 24 at Genoa Boat Show because it’s the boat that best meets our customers’ needs, in addition to being the most popular one: this summer, our 60th unit has been sold. For the 60th anniversary of the Genoa Boat Show, there could not be a more beautiful gift.

Mussini Corvetta 24 beds Mussini Corvetta 24 console

Corvetta 24: Technical Specs

Length 7.50 m
Max Beam 2.64 m
Displacement 2,500 kg
Engine 1 Yanmar Diesel da 110 hp
Cruising Speed 16 kn
Top Speed 18 kn
Water Tank Capacity 140 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 140 l
Passengers Capacity 8
Berths 2
Toiler electric
Classification EC
Category C

Mussini Corvetta 24 plate Mussini Corvetta 24 sailing

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