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On test. Crystal Prop : the antifouling paint for propellers that promises miracles

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Antifouling paint for propellers: Crystal Prop Test

Finding a truly long-term effective antifouling paint for propellers is rather difficult. With the knowledge that propellers are the most difficult parts to keep clean, we have decided to test Crystal Prop.

This product that, according to Coverplast, has a two-year life could finally solve the problem linked to the poor durability of antifouling paints for propellers and, in addition to product durability, we will also test its particular functioning.

How does Crystal Prop function?

Crystal Prop is a self-cleaning, biocide-free, non-exfoliating, long-lasting paint. With its application you get a hard and slippery surface that allows it to function like an antifouling paint.

Crystasl Prop kitFouling, in fact, not only has difficulty in getting on the paint but also detaches itself thanks to the friction produced by the water flow. Crystal Prop has therefore the same characteristics as her “sister” applied to our hull, including the fact that is doesn’t need any coat of primer to adhere to the surfaces which it is applied on as well as an excellent anti-galvanic corrosion effect.

According to the manufacturer, the main characteristic that distinguishes Crystal Prop from the other products is its greater gripping power. This would make it particularly suitable to be applied on the mechanical parts and to resist the cavitation of the propellers. Moreover, Crystal Boat has the benefit of being compatible with all types of metal.

This product has already been available for some years and is used on motor boats. On these yachts, the fast motion of the propeller and the axes treated with Crystal Prop causes fouling to detach and slip away very easily. This way, every time the engine is started, the surfaces treated will be cleaned.

We will test Crystal Prop on our lab-boat, the Daydreamer, where the propeller rotation speed is inevitably lower than that one  developed by motor boats. Consequently, even the friction on the water will be lower. Our test has therefore the task of verifying whether Cristal Prop will be effective even under these conditions.

We will also observe if the lower friction produced by a sailboat will instead benefit the overall life of the product.

Crystal Prop Application

As for the hull, the propeller and the axle of our Daydreamer have been prepared by Genoa Sea Service. The previous antifouling paint has been removed and now the affected parts are clean and smooth. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, we haven’t applied any coats of primer.

Crystal Prop, propeller cleaningCrystal Prop mixing

The Crystal Prop kit is composed of two bottles of 125 g each, containing paint and hardener, which must be combined in a 1: 1 proportion. For a correct mixing, it is necessary to shake the bottle containing the paint very well.

Crystal Prop must be applied with a single coat that we have applied by brush.

Curious to better understand the consistency of the product, we have taken over the technicians and tried to give a couple of brushstrokes. The paint is thick and smooth. The application is very easy because, thanks to the good consistency of the product, no annoying flows are created. A second coat would have been really unnecessary.

Crystal Prop applicationCrystal Prop, final result

To cover the propeller and the axle of our Daydreamer, we have used 90 g of product.

The result we have observed after 48 hours from the application, that is its drying time, is that of a hard and very smooth “skin”, which perfectly covers our mechanical parts.

Now we just have to wait; in a few weeks, we will carry out the first tests of which we will update you immediately.

Where to find it online:

Tribordo Marine Supplies: Promozione Crystal Prop


Via Toscanini, 12

20010 ARLUNO (MI)

Tel. +39 02 90 15 236

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