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Emiliano Gabrielli is back! Every 15 days a new article on boat fishing

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fishing Emiliano Gabrielli, a journalist and great popularizer with a lifelong passion for the world of fishing, returns to the large family of The International Yachting Media, picking up where he left off, namely from Yachtingnews Fishing: a popular section of our magazine that Emiliano himself had helped launch, with all his expertise and professionalism.

A fisherman since he was a child, Emiliano has travelled the world with his fishing rods, both as a passionate angler and as a fishing guide: a journey that led him to describe his knowledge in some of the leading international fishing magazines.

A long journey, which eventually allowed him to reach his most important goal, which is the convocation as a Blue Athlete, in the Italian National Big Game Fishing team to compete in the World Championships in Portugal.

A lover of writing and of the sea, Emiliano Gabrielli will return to the pages of Yachtingnews to talk about fishing techniques, tell us his secrets, but also and above all to remark on the importance of sustainable sport fishing, the topic of the thesis that will soon allow him to obtain a degree in Biology.

I decided to approach my graduation thesis,’ Emiliano says, ‘by focusing on the theme of the right balance between exploitation of the fishery resources of sport fishing and wise management of marine systems through nature reserves. I would like fishing to link the fisherman to the magic of nature”.

Of course, emiliano gabrielli Yachtingnews the sector is always evolving, and as of today it is unthinkable to do outreach without being able to manage multiple platforms. This is how Emiliano has developed new channels in recent years, starting with Youtube, where his ‘Fishingworld by Emiliano Gabrielli” has already totaled more than 6 million views, and then moving on to Facebook (Emiliano Gabrielli), Instagram (emiliano_gabrielli) and, most recently, Tik Tok.

I live this communication transition day by day, learning new ways of communicating myself. – Emiliano continues – I have always believed in dissemination initially linked to print and writing, however, I have also understood over time the many facets of the communication evolution: beautiful, clean intelligent communication can also be done on social channels..
I learned to adapt, and of course I also had to become a filmmaker, but I have to admit I am very happy to go back to writing, and in particular for Yachtingnews Fishing, which is magazine section that was born with me and was, and still is, very successful with half a million readers a month.
I come back to writing because I think a sport like fishing has so many steps to take in, and reading it, enriched by beautiful step-by-step photos, can give important insights to beginners but also to the more experienced. Social media runs, writing gives you time to assimilate”.

boat fishing In the coming months Emiliano Gabrielli will take us back into his world, fully immersing us in the new techniques and innovations of a sector that is evolving and growing every day, along with a new generation of fishermen with more and more tools at their disposal, but not always with all the necessary skills.

We have prepared a lineup with 12 articles in the next semester focused on the disciplines that are affecting sport fishermen and vertical fishing in recent years. – says Emiliano – We will talk about Slow Jigging, the technique that has revolutionized the search for predators, and how to choose rods, lines and reels.
We will also delve into
Live Kab and choosing the right artificial, and again trolling, exploring the differences between vertical and horizontal trolling. But this is just the beginning of course”.

In short, Emiliano’s expertise fishing techniques returns to fill the pages of our magazines and is available again to readers all over the world: from those who are approaching the sport, to those who want to implement their knowledge, to the professional in the field, everyone will find the most suitable insights.

I will be waiting for you on the Yachtingnews Fishing pages,” Emiliano Gabrielli concludes –“Keep following us because it is through quality journalism that we evolve as fishermen, and studying is good in fishing for both a beginner and more experienced fishermen who want to modernize.
We will be present and on time
every 15 days with interesting and stimulating articles, which I am sure will bring innovative elements to your fishing techniques”.

So all that remains is to stay connected on our pages, to get lost in the fantastic world of sport fishing.

From all our Editors: ‘Good work Emiliano’.

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