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Envy 710 and DeepSpeed: speed and respect for the environment

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Scanner Marine Envy 710 and the first electric hydro-jet outboard: a successful combination

Agility is the first requirementScanner Envy 710 to keep up with times. And agility is also the main feature that has always characterized the Envy 710, a high-performance and dynamic boat that was already cutting-edge in 2006, when her captivating lines took shape to quickly become the guidelines for the later tenders and tourers by Scanner Marine.

In other words, the reputation of predestined fully suits the Envy 7010. Moreover, its history tells of an innovative inflatable boat that, over the last 14 years and through the original stylistic reinterpretations – the latest in 2017 – developed by the well-known Italian shipyard, has proved to be timeless, far-sighted and appealing to a very large clientele.

When designer Donato Montemitro sketched her, he wanted to create a boat that could be one step ahead of competitors, designed for a wide group of boaters thanks to her size and multiple customization possibilities, which are an essential peculiarity at Scanner Marine.

Scanner Envy 710: elegant lines and high performance

Envy 710The Envy 710 is a RIB simply “different” from the others. The fiberglass hull, combined with more traditional yet extraordinarily seaworthy and comfortable tubulars, offers an harmonious elegant design and extraordinary usability.

Net of the many customization possibilities available, the basic layout includes a central console with a single seat, spacious aft section characterized by a U-shaped sofa and spacious side-decks leading to the aft solarium. The forward dinette exploits the full width of the sundeck. Attention to design and high-quality materials form a product of the highest level.

The configuration of the aft section, of course, changes depending wheher you choose a sterndrive or outboard propulsion and the transom is replaced by two side spacious platforms. In other words, every Scanner unit is developed in close collaboration with the future owner, starting from the engine option.

DeepSpeed, the revolutionary eco-friendly outboard

Scanner Marine has just embarked on a envy-710-deep-speedcollaboration with the start-up Deep Speed to launch, for the first time on the market, an eco-friendly boat that minimizes the disturbance caused to the marine environment through a drastic reduction of polluting and noise emissions, while maintaining the high performance of classic engines.

Deep Speed, in fact, has invented an innovative electric engine which, according to its designers, will be the most efficient of the market. The project has been fully welcomed by Scanner Marine which, with great enthusiasm, makes its Envy 710 available for installation and sea trials.

The DeepSpeed engine is a jet outboard, where the engine and propulsion system are integrated with direct operation in the water. The engine is powered by electricity which, together with the propulsion system, boasts control electronics, a battery pack and dedicated software.

This “technological application” is destined to revolutionize the yachting world because it eliminates emissions and noise, minimizes encumbrance and weight and optimizes the efficiency/dislacement ratio. Furthermore, the application possibilities of this first electric hydro-jet ourboard are countless.

Scanner Marine and DeepSpeed take the protection of the sea very seriously, without sacrificing performance, which, as you know, is excellent at Scanner Marine.


Scanner Envy 710 Technical Specs

LOA 7,1
Max Beam 2,8
Tubular Diameter 55-58
Compartments 5
Hull Material fiberglass and composites
Tubular Materials Hypalon neoprene – Orca Pennel Industries 1670 dtex
Passengers Capacity 14
Dry Displacement 1300 kg (without engine)
Max Power 350 HP
Design Category B
Designer Montemitro Design

Scanner Marine Srl

Via Gautieri 19, 28060 Casalbeltrame (NO)



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