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F.lli Razeto & Casareto joined the Genoa Boat Show with the preponderance of celebrations of a century of history lived in the production of accessories and complements for the nautical industry on an industrial scale.razeto ossh antivirus handle In addition, there are many new products, including an “antivirus” handle that has a lot to say on the subject of pandemics. Andrea Razeto explains that the company now dedicates around 50% of its production to merchant, cruise and military vessels, with Italian and international customers. The remaining 50% is for recreational boating. Moreover, a global network of distributors covers about half of the turnover.

F.lli Razeto & Casareto works with “everyone”, but not directly with shipyards except in special opportunities such as the Permare Group. The referents are mainly carpentries, designers, engineers and wholesalers. More than 500 items are marketed, for a business that was born mainly on transatlantic liners and cruise ships, and then crystallized at the end of the 1960s also on yachts.

F.lli Razeto & Casareto: design on handles

The business experience diamond handleof F.lli Razeto & Casareto is further proof of the absolute importance of design in Made in Italy nautical sector. Handles – even if calling these technological marvels this way is almost an understatement – are a fully-fledged part of the on-board details that add to the beauty of a yacht or ship. Just think of the famous Tribute to Doha diamond handles, which are also very popular in (luxury” Qatar.

They are technological prodigies, because F.lli Razeto & Casareto’s smart handles communicate with the on-board system through a junction box, housed in the door frame, which supplies power to the handles when the door is closed. They are therefore highly integrated into the on-board technology.

razeto-ossh-handleA practical example of this is offered by the OSSH (Our Souls Saved by Handles) handles, designed for fire doors and equipped with a patented 40 RGB LED system capable of releasing visual signals through warning colours visible inside or outside the cabin. For example, red lights on the side opposite the fire and green on the side of the fire. OSSHs also take information directly from the safety system.

Furthermore, a diaphragm made of aeronautical material, also used by NASA, prevents the flame from passing through the handle. The latter also communicates with the control panel, indicating whether the door has been activated or simply opened (or closed). As far as superyachts are concerned, the same handles are installed on board the Amer 120, the 120-foot yacht recently launched by Permare Group.

The antimicrobial handle

antivirus handleGiangi Razeto, creative genius of the Sorio-based company, described the antimicrobial handle at the Genoa Boat Show. He explained how the design of the new product, introduced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company, is strongly inspired by a truly fascinating historical memory. The same type of handles were marketed by his grandparents for the fitting out of the transatlantic liner Cristoforo Colombo. These handles were installed on the doors of first class cabins.

The vintage design is complemented by a patented system with an antimicrobial function, which makes the 100th anniversary handles completely impervious to germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The handles have in fact been tested by the virology laboratory of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where it proved to be effectively unassailable even against Covid-19.

The scientific principle involves a kind of anodising with silver ions and ions of another material cluster that are released into the atmosphere and joined by the moisture contained in the oxygen. This creates a kind of ion cloud around the handle, making it impervious to microbes. In fact, being active in the environment, the handle sanitizes the surrounding air. Tests have shown that, at a distance of three centimeters from the handle, the viral load on the hand is reduced by 87% in 15 seconds. “We can say that it is not an object that can transmit viruses,” explains Giangi Razeto with satisfaction.

Other novelties

There are three further innovations, one of which is very curious. Touching iron or wood? At the F.lli Razeto & Casareto booth there was also a tribute to seafaring imagery on display, represented by the Padouk wooden handles, which recall the superstitions of certain sailors,” explains Giangi Razeto, “who would touch the wood of the handle and then spit into the sea downwind.

The other curiosity concerns the Soft Line, which is “absolutely nautical” and designed for the tight spaces on board. This range includes soft handles that clothes can’t get caught on, thanks to their “folding” characteristics, but still have enough rigidity to ensure they can be gripped and therefore fulfil their function.

Giangi Razeto thinks of a handle for every eventuality, even for ladies’ manicures. And so he shows us the handles nails friendly, designed with a flush opening, precisely to avoid damaging the colourful fake nails that are so much in vogue. It has to be said: class is not water.

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