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Fabiani Yacht in Düsseldorf for the sustainable future of boating

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Fabiani Yacht is progressing with the construction of the new Wedgeline 77 Hybrid and seized the opportunity offered by the recent Boot in Düsseldorf to announce that it will be ready for spring next year.

At the show, fabiani yacht booth which was staged last January in Düsseldorf, Fabiani Yacht showcased its entire range at the Blue Innovation Dock meeting during a panel discussion focused on the topic “Innovations for Boating Sustainability.”

The shipyard’s speech focused on sustainable energies and their recent applications in the boating industry while also sharing with the audience new technologies and patents registered by Fabiani itself.

First and foremost, one of the key differences of boats designed to use alternative energies lies in the hull. In fact, the hull of a boat made specifically to harness solar energy, such as those in Fabiani’s range, must be wider than normal to support much greater weights, given by the battery pack and solar panels, which risk compromising the stability of the boat if not controlled.

Fabiani-yacht 2 This is one of the many reasons why Fabiani Yacht’s hybrid system, which many customers are interested in, cannot be “fitted” to a standard boat. Another reason is the predisposition of these boats to have a specially created dunnage and superstructure to accommodate the solar panels, which fit one on top of the other by a few millimeters until they disappear completely, which is logically impossible to foresee on a boat already built.

Work progress on the latest model, the Wedgeline 77 Hybrid, is underway, and now the shipyard is planning the insertion of the internal piping, which, however, cannot be completed until the engines and the hybrid production, which has already been ordered, arrive.

Meanwhile, wedgeline 77 also at Boot Düsseldorf, many buyers were interested in Fabiani Yacht’s innovative and mind-blowing technologies not only for environmental protection, but also for the inclusivity-related predispositions that the yard’s yachts have.

Striking, in fact, was the revolutionary aft platform that, being adjustable in height, not only allows guests to acquire space on each deck but, more importantly, allows access to the boat directly from the dock for anyone who needs it. Thanks to this invention, even people with mobility impairments, disabilities or other impediments can easily board and move freely throughout the deck due to the (intentional) absence of steps or small encumbrances.

This simple solution, while far from obvious, has aroused interest and admiration for the new Wedgeline 77 Hybrid and in general for the shipyard‘s entire production.

While speaking at the Blue Innovation Dock Marco Fabiani, Sales Manager of the shipyard described the mission they have been pursuing since 2015:

The new designs break the rules of the yachts of the past and now, thanks to this opportunity at the Blue Innovation Dock we are presenting our basic principles: boating should be more inclusive and more sustainable. We want to do something more environmentally friendly and we started right from the means of propulsion, using solar energy by integrating panels to the boat and we also want to create boats that are accessible to everyone, without stumbling, steps or difficulties.Marco Fabiani reports.

Many yards are experimenting with hybrid but still using diesel, we wanted to create something different, not only to reduce fuel but to use other forms of energy as well. Some catamarans have systems similar to ours but there is no one yet doing these things in the yacht world and we are proud of that.”


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