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Fabiani Yacht: Hybrid, the forerunner of green boating in Genoa

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With its Hybrid range at the Genoa Boat Show, Fabiani Yacht represented the symbol of a marine ecology-oriented yachting industry that focuses on hybrid propulsion (photovoltaic/diesel) and the use of recyclable materials in the hull such as steel and glass in the superstructures. All effective ways of meeting environmental needs, rejecting CO2 emissions, underwater engine noise, the use of composite and other materials that cannot be disposed of.

Owners are interested, Fabiani Yacht Hybrid 77'as demonstrated by the contracts signed and the offers for this type of green yacht. But in the meantime, there is a growing desire to see Fabiani Yacht’s futuristic boats in water, equipped with real sailing photovoltaic fields. Proof that “everything is ready” can be found in the drawings approved by RINA. And there are advanced negotiations with the Tureddi Group shipyard, which also works for other reputable boat manufacturers. “We’ve reached an agreement with Tureddi to build a piece of the hull, so a Hybrid could be launched in 16/17 months,” says engineer Maurizio Fabiani.

Fabiani Yacht, tests on the Hybrid’s structural sail

As for the hesitations about the use of such a large (140 square meter) structural sail on solar panels, the tests leave no room for doubt: “The calculations have been made, stability is guaranteed. We simulated”, continues Mr. Fabiani, “by placing the structural sail longitudinally (which is not possible) instead of transversely, positioning it at the axis of the boat and “shooting” a 100 km/h wind at two-thirds of the height. It’s a test that can be carried out with simulators and the boat only tilted by about five degrees“. But you can never be too safe, so the Hybrids also have an alarm system that activates in the event of strong winds or very rough seas, automatically closing the structural sail (or at the captain’s order).

The Hybrids are perfect Maurizio fabianiMediterranean cruisers. The hulls are designed by the Navirex studio of Mario Grasso, a former professor of nautical engineering at the University of Genoa, which was responsible for the hydrodynamics of the hull and all the nautical architecture. As far as endothermic propulsion is concerned, the shipyard is planning to equip the Hybrid with two Mann 1900 HP engines and two 150/200 HP electric motors.

The Hybrid 101′ will be equipped with six cabins, one of which will be the panoramic master cabin located forward. Her younger sister, the Hybrid 77′, will accommodate guests in three or four cabins, depending on the owner’s choice.

Hybrid 101 renderingGoing back in time, Fabiani Yacht’s nautical history began after the sale of a 100-employee engineering company. Then the acquisition, in 2015, of the INTERMARE shipyard in Cecina, which produces fibreglass boats over 16 metres long. But the engineer is looking for more: “I wanted to do something that others didn’t have“. After a long wait, Maurizio Fabiani succeeded in patenting a system of retractable photovoltaic panels, which allows his semi-displacement yachts a cruising speed of 6/7 knots, entirely green.

Today Fabiani Yacht’s projects show great attention to detail in the interiors, the use of teak for the bulwarks, aluminium hulls and a superstructure full of windows. A great deal of attention is also paid to disabled people, for whom there is a special aft gangway.

At the Genoa Boat Show the public talked a lot about the Hybrid 101′ and the more tapered 70-foot version. There were four bids for the diesel-only versions and two signed contracts for which “we are waiting for the down payment from Chinese clients,” explains Ms Fabiani on the stand. And there’s an offer for a Hybrid from a Swiss owner. The Hybrid 77′ would cost around seven million euros, the 100′ is around 9 million and the Hybrid 101′ is around 9.5 million.The hybrid versions,” continues Ms Fabiani, “cost two million more,” because the batteries and panels require the yard to incur significant expenditure, but at the moment “we’re not charging any extra because we want to get a Hybrid into the sea as soon as possible”.


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