Felci 63 Catamaran

Felci 63 Catamaran, the catamaran to be experienced

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Felci Yacht Design continues to revolutionize yachting with a new project, the Felci 63 Catamaran. “Our impression is that the world of catamarans, being younger, is less tied to the yachting tradition than that of monohulls,” explains Umberto Felci explaining the reasons for this new project. “From a certain point of view, the catamaran is thought of as a very fast but barely liveable racing boat; on the other hand, the catamaran is seen as a place to live on the sea instead of sailing in the sea, let’s say a sort of floating home. Bringing these two worlds together is not something we do alone, but the intention is to do so, exploiting all our skills that over the years have led us to combine the hydrodynamic aspects with the aesthetic and stylistic ones in the best possible way”.

Felci 63 Catamaran stern

“With this project we have tried to transfer our decades of experience in fast cruiser yachts to the world of catamarans. Our goal remains that of making people experience the sea with great comfort, in a very elegant boat, finished and studied in every detail, that always sails with efficiency and balance,” continues Mr. Felci, announcing the launch of this new complete and beautiful sailing yacht, with a style and design of extraordinary elegance, as Felci Yacht Design has accustomed us to by now.

Felci-63-Catamaran-interior A very important chapter of the Felci 63 Catamaran has been devoted to the interior. This is how Umberto Felci introduces them to us: “The study of the living spaces starts with the two large staircases that invite you to climb aboard comfortably and reach the cockpit, which is a really welcoming living area, with an important dining table for pleasant convivial moments. The idea is to be in as much contact as possible with the sea in an open, yet cozy and protected space“.

A large sliding door leads to the lounge area, giving continuity between indoor and outdoor space; the galley is developed in the bow, whose furnishing choices also perfectly match the charting area developed on the same floor. The large windows provide plenty of light and above all a spectacular view of the sea. The cabins, too, enjoy plenty of space, complete with head, study and walk-in wardrobe, and present themselves as refined, cozy spaces studied in every minute detail.

What is also Felci-63-Catamaran-wheels striking is the external access to the flybridge, with important side steps, extremely comfortable and safe, that allow an agile ascent to the upper deck where the two large carbon wheels and another relaxation and sunbathing area stand out. Observing this project through the extraordinary renderings and an exciting virtual tour, we realize how every part is the result of an in-depth study, with respect for the traditions of a sailing yacht and an innovation that seeps from every detail.

Mr. Felci concludes: “This catamaran is intended to be a comfortable, modern and elegant craft in which to rediscover the pleasure of sailing, to feel the boat and to do something unique and unrepeatable: to move quickly and safely with only the force of the wind”.

master cabin

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