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Flexiteek and RS Marine: where innovation meets expertise

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It looks like teak, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s even better because it requires minimal maintenance and boasts a wonderful finish. Flexiteek stands out as one of the most innovative materials the boating industry has ever seen: it’s a decking material for boats that is as aesthetically pleasing as traditional teak, and for over twenty years, it has delighted both shipyards and boat owners alike. Confirming its excellence is a professional who has installed plenty of Flexiteek, namely Alessandro Venica of RS Marine, the product’s dealer for the entire Triveneto area.


“Flexiteek is a highly valid alternative to natural teak, as it requires no maintenance and doesn’t stain – Mr. Venica states – Its visual and tactile effect is entirely comparable to real teak, with the difference being that it’s available in a wide range of both natural and technical colors, offering over 30 different combinations. Moreover, Flexiteek provides excellent anti-slip properties and drains water perfectly, to the extent that I don’t know any boater who has ever complained about having it installed”.

rs marine and flexiteek

About Flexiteek

“Flexiteek isn’t produced through a standardized industrial process – Venica emphasizes – It’s not a universal solution but rather a raw material that is custom-fitted by skilled craftsmen, allowing for tailor-made deck coverings based on each individual customer’s requirements. Complete with joints, frames, and borders. This is because it’s a compound that is worked on in the UK, where the manufacturing company is headquartred, and then supplied in rolls and strips. The various pieces already have joints on one side, and the installer simply needs to align and bond them through a thermowelding process. Lastly, we cut the composition to perfectly fit the boat’s deck and glue it onto any surface, whether it’s a tender or a superyacht”.

Flexiteek colour palette
Flexiteek colour palette

What’s more, Flexiteek is entirely customizable. In fact, in addition to the wide range of modern and elegant colors, the product offers the possibility of being customized with designs, logos, and inscriptions. This factor, combined with its extraordinary level of safety and resistance even in the most extreme conditions, represents the most appreciated aspect by both shipyards installing it on their boats and boat owners choosing it for their own decks. They don’t have to worry too much about maintenance, as it has minimal requirements: just take a look at how impeccable the decks are, even after many years of Flexiteek installation.

RS Marine

About RS Marine

As an installer and exclusive supplier of Flexiteek, RS Marine works closely with the Teaknotek company based in Passosegni (Bologna), the official importer of the product for Italy. “We have been collaborating with Teaknotek for over three years – Venica concludes – and we work with both boat builders and shipyards, where we handle the creation and installation of decking on new boats, as well as with private boat owners who choose to install Flexiteek on their boats. On average, we install around 500 square meters of flooring per year”.

These are significant numbers that clearly demonstrate the growing popularity of this innovative material on Italian boats and beyond.


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