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Our recent visit to Mets gave us the opportunity to discover a world of interesting ideas and boat accessories.

We’ve already told you about some interesting news; now, it’s the turn of three other innovative boat gadgets.piccole luci candelieri IP65 faretti di Palagi Marine

IP65 spotlights by Palagi Marine conquered our attention and a special mention by the jury of the prestigious Dame Award. These small stanchion courtesy lights can be installed in the deck, especially on sailing boats. Provided with a 316 stainless-steel flange and an aluminium-and-PVC body, they resist water and dust and are suitable for stanchions with a diameter from 35 mm (so, they can be used on big boats). Equipped with a 350 mA input, they ensure a 1 W power and represent a smart idea with a guaranteed visual effect. Only the passage of the power supply wire in the hull-deck junction should be revised since it’s too delicate.


gadget stazioni meteo da tasca Skywatch BL di JDCSkywatch®BL, produced by the Swiss JDC group, is a pocket weather station. It’s a small cylinder (just 66 gr)powered by a normal micro USB socket which connects via Bluetooth to all devices provided with iOs or Android operating systems.

It is available in three different versions: BL 300 provides information about wind, temperature and humidity; BL 400 adds details about pressure, while BL 550 even informs about UV index (according to us, a useless and expensive detail). They are all provided with a smart pocket clip or a wrist band. They cost 160, 180 and 208 euros respectively. Furthermore, they can create a chronology and share it on social channels.
gadget nautica casse Stereo Active di Fusion

Finally, let’s conclude with two speakers produced by Fusion. Equipped with a special basis, they can be used on sailing and motor boats, kayaks, surf boards, SUP and so on… Waterproof amplifiers are certainly not a new idea but the combination of the two items is really smart.

The basis is called Active Safe and it is equipped with a small storage case for small objects, such as keys, phone…The speakers, on the contrary, are called Stereo Active. Completely watertight (IPX 7 protection), they’re 2.52” wide and delivers a 40 W power. The battery, gadget nautica casse Stereo Active di Fusionrechargeable by USB, lasts up to 20 hours and it can even be used as a smartphone power pack thanks to a specific Bluetooth connection. Over the small stereo, you can even install an action-cam basis. All in all, it’s a really smart accessory. Stero Active costs € 349.00 while Active Safe is just € 99.00




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