Gagliotta Lobster 35

Gagliotta Lobster 35: Sea trial of a true daredevil

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The northern Mediterranean has been rough for several days now, but Gagliotta Lobster 35 is well rigged for these particular weather and sea conditions, and what’s more, today it’s raining in flashes. At the port of Garavan we get ready to climb aboard, while at the quayside there are many curious people who, at the first glimmer of sunshine, almost whispering, ask us more about this fantastic 35 footer.

Gagliotta’s lobster does indeed offer a vintage feel, but it attracts in other respects for its timeless classic beauty. What’s more, it is well thought out for all seasons and latitudes, because the cockpit with its high sides is well-protected from inopportune splashes and also from (as now) unwelcome (or welcome) bad weather. And it is suitable for those cruises (even long ones) in the northern seas, where the mercury column does not rise as high as in the Mediterranean.

Gagliotta Lobster 35: ocean feeling

It’s a fully-fledged lobster, evoking certain 1950s sensations along with its sinuous, almost rounded forms, which call for purely oceanic cruises, especially if we think that a large part of Gagliotta’s production goes to the States. This is confirmed by the aesthetics, which have been well revised in a modern key. It is also useful in sealing the lines of what we define as a truly iconic model.

But the Lobster 35 doesn’t neglect any advanced technological detail, just look at the dashboard with all the electronic equipment properly installed. Not to mention the beauty of a vintage analogue dashboard, with the compass positioned in the centre to dominate the scene. In all this, the Lobster 35 fulfils her mission once and for all, displaying great adherence to the main maritime requirements, which she always satisfies.

lobster at sea


This boat from the Gagliotta yard is designed to sail safely and comfortably. As for the comfort of routine on board, there’s the galley on the left in the cockpit, covered by a folding top that acts as a countertop. Underneath the hob and sink is the fridge, which is well-protected inside a dedicated cabinet to shield it from the sun. There’s also a pull-out service table. And in the centre of the cockpit there’s a table that allows you to dine like a king around a large collier sofa.

One or more days at sea can be gagliotta Lobster 35 bow felt on the bones in the evening, when the sailing is over, while during the day all the senses focus on the pleasure of the sea, forgetting all about hindsight.

But here comes the intelligence of the nautical engineering of the Lobster 35 Gagliotta, by Fabrizio Marzocca. A nautical engineer who is able to take these aspects into account, which the young owner might not think about because he is more concerned with aesthetics or performance. The consequences? On board the lobster you are comfortable.

Gagliotta’s backrests are renowned. But even the double armchair in the helm station can be positioned to suit the height of the owner, who in no way lacks an excellent view over the bow. And what about the helm? It’s a real wheel with all the classic expertise of mahogany, which makes it redundant.

The hardtop is equipped with a canopy to open or protect itself depending on the marine environment. It is also carefully surrounded by handrails that make it easier to pass under the bow when walking on the side-decks, which have been designed to be slightly narrow to maximize the space available in the dinette. It is no coincidence that the Lobster 35, around 10 metres long, is a registration-free boat that offers spaces typical of a much larger boat.

If you think “seaworthy”, these are the things you should expect. And when there are guests on board, in the cockpit dinette, up to eight people cannot complain at all about precarious balance or complications of movement. Everyone in their place, yes, but comfortably.

Gagliotta Lobster 35: Interior

Be careful, though, because the Lobster below deck turns into a ‘spider’ for romantic cruises: there’s an ‘open space’ with a triangular bed topped by a walk-through that provides the necessary light together with the classic, bright portholes, well positioned on the mizzen profiles.

And of course there’s a head with shower, the door of which opens towards the inside of the cabin in order to avoid inappropriate infiltration into the sleeping area. The charm of the cream-coloured interior finds pleasure in the eyes. And that magic word “seafaringly” is confirmed once again by the mahogany, which once again characterizes the beauty of this boat’s interior.

gagliotta lobster 35 interior It is certainly a cornerstone not to be forgotten: Gagliotta builds boats designed for cruising and suited to the taste of “traditional” navigation. A concept where the fashions of the moment don’t outweigh those maritime needs that are essential to Gagliotta. Like an ultra-accessible engine room by electrically raising the aft saddle of the sofa. There’s also a platform that’s convenient for mooring and swimming up from the anchorage.

And the foredeck with its lockers that are well-suited for hauling anchor and its winch into view, but with an electric control located in its own dedicated locker.

What’s more, the helm station is well protected by the bulwarks, its hardtop and windscreen, with wipers, because the weather is not always good. Like on the day of this sea trial of the Lobster 35 Gagliotta.

Gagliotta Lobster 35 Sea Trial

I climb aboard with one hand grasping the single handle located on the aft platform. It’s well thought out, there’s nothing to say about it, a single neck that doesn’t hinder the passage of the more over-sized. The sailor’s step then finds the light-coloured teak of an excellent standard (1.2 centimetres thick) resting properly on the dashboard and all over the boat’s floor.

The other hand tastes gagliotta hull the mahogany of the exquisitely varnished gunwale. And welcome aboard. This is a boat with a capital “b”. Gagliotta has been crafting boats for over 70 years, and this time too he doesn’t seem to have failed to do so.

The elegant ‘branded’ cushions invite you to relax, but once the mooring line has been finally loosened we are ready to start cruising.

The MerCruiser 270hp engines will be heard, but not too much. Indeed, during the routine inspection I noticed that the engine room is well insulated, even from the inside, with thick material covered in aluminium.

At a speed of three knots, as per the regulations, we leave the harbour, with the winds coming from the north. We leave the “front de mer” behind us, with the Alpes-Maritimes reddening in autumn colours. It’s an atmosphere that is certainly inviting to cruising in this season too. We reach the open sea and say goodbye to the French town of Menton.

A hull for rough sea

As we were saying, the sea is rough with waves over a metre high, but the hull of the Lobster 35 reacts well, or rather brilliantly. Gagliotta is a boatyard known for its dry, sleek hulls that can cope with a force “3” sea.

We’re at around five knots and the Gagliotta Lobster 35 doesn’t pitch at all. At 15 knots she starts gliding and we decide to keep this as our cruising speed.

There are no strange bumps from the hull, everything is very balanced. It’s a surprising hull that doesn’t disappoint even at high speeds.

We try a few risky manoeuvres, taking the waves by the bow, but nothing, the hull is still very seaworthy.

At top speed the knots are 34, the engine revs per minute 3,800 and the fuel consumption on the MerCruiser monitor shows 100 litres of fuel per hour. More than satisfactory performance.


A not-so-older sea enthusiast, a gentleman sailor of yesteryear, an experienced captain who knows what’s good for cruising with friends, a cigar-loving owner who enjoys going out on the coast or the head of the family who loves the sea for a simple day trip: this Lobster 35 anthropologically responds very well to all these categories of people. It is a boat that, we repeat, is not precluded from any type of climate and is also good for longer cruises.

Consumption is low, performance is excellent and safety is unequivocal. All combines with a great seafaring class which, unfortunately, the nautical progress of other industrial yards, very much devoted to futurism, seem to forget with nonchalance.

It is absolutely the object of desire, but one of those produced by a boutique craftsmanship firm that bears the name of the Gagliotta shipyards and assiduously upholds the excellent nautical prestige of Italian-made products throughout the world. Seeing is believing.

Lobster 35 Gagliotta

Lobster 35 – Test Performance Data

RpmSpeedConsumption l/h
6003kn2,5 L
15005,4kn6 L
200010kn28 L
250011.5 kn40 L
300016 kn68 L
3800  max34 kn100 L

Gagliotta shipyards

Technical Specs

Building materialsPRVF
Loa overall length11.30 m
Waterline length9.89 m
Beam3.28 m
Fully laden draft0.67 m
Fuel capacity540 l
Water capacity210 l
Trial displacement7.40 t
EngineVolvo Penta D4 Common rail 3.7 270hp
Mercury 3.0 L 270Hp V6 diesel
Cruising speed26 kn
Max speed31 kn

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