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Launch time is approaching for the Grand Soleil 72, the brand’s highly anticipated new flagship from Cantiere del Pardo, which will make her world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022. It is a unique project, made in collaboration with Franco Corazza, Matteo Polli, Nauta Design and Marco Lostuzzi, all big names in Italian sailing recognized internationally for projects of excellence in the Italian boating sector.

The aim of this project, explains Cantiere del Pardo, was to create a boat with a distinctly Italian aesthetic, with an elegant and modern design as well as high comfort ergonomics both on deck and outside. A final result of this kind, promising and fascinating even just from the images, could only come from the long craftsmanship experience of this shipyard with over fifty years of history, which has arrived at a great wisdom in taking care not only of the aesthetic lines of its boats, but also of every minimum technical and performance detail, where the eye does not reach. On the other hand, guaranteeing the reliability of Grand Soleil yachts has always been one of Cantiere del Pardo’s strengths, and this is why all the construction processes and on-board systems are tested and certified with very strict quality controls.

grand-soleil-72 bow With the Grand Soleil 72, the yard can be said to have reached its apex, demonstrating unprecedented meticulousness in every part of the boat and every single component. Among the most special and cutting-edge technical features, the composite bulkheads for the interior, for example, stand out. They are weighed one by one, specifically defining the thickness of each one to optimize sturdiness, lightness and performance. In addition, the hull shapes of the new Grand Soleil 72, designed by Matteo Polli, are characterized by a pronounced V at the bow, with an important dynamic length that, thanks to the sloping and low wetted surface area, allows the stern to be slacker for a reduction in friction of the living structure while under way. This guarantees greater dynamic speed and excellent stability when the boat is heeled, translating not only into greater performance in light wind conditions, typical of the Mediterranean area, but also into excellent ease and safety when cruising.

In the photos we can see on these pages, taken in production by Alberto Cocchi, we can see the progress of the work prior to the fusion of hull and deck. This is a fundamental step in the assembly process before moving on to the fitting out of the interior and the finishing of the hull, which has been achieved through the process of infusing epoxy-based vacuum vinylester resin into biaxial fibreglass and unidirectional carbon fibre fabrics, resulting in a light and strong hull. All longitudinal and transverse structures and the most stressed areas of the hull, on the other hand, are laminated in glass fibre and stiffened by unidirectional carbon reinforcements to increase strength and rigidity.

Grand Soleil

Last but not least, GS72-interior the interior layout, signed as always by the highly appreciated Nauta Design studio, is in perfect relation with the deck geometries, having been conceived, designed and refined in every volume and detail to exploit all the spaces, achieving a coherent and holistic relationship between them.

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