Guidi: the excellence of Made in Italy accessories for over 50 years

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Since 1968, Guidi has been producing yachting accessories without compromise, respecting safety and providing reliability to sea-goers.

Among the Guidi-and-Grossi-Venice-Boat-Showexhibitors at the recent Venice Boat Show staged in the magnificent lagoon in early June, Guidi joined the event in partnership with Grossi Srl, another outstanding international company specializing in the production of parts for the shipbuilding industry, such as hydraulic parts and engine spare parts.

The Grossi Srl company is an example of the great value of Made in Italy production; based in the province of Rimini, it succeeds in satisfying and exporting to the international market a range of products ranging from wine-making to construction, from the food industry to the metal-mechanical industry, and even in a specialized way to the naval industry.

Headquartered in Novara, Italy, Guidi has been engaged for over 50 years in the production of purification filters, anti-blocking valves, drains and sea intakes, fittings and other hydraulic accessories for the marine industry. Its excellence in this field has enabled it not only to make a name for itself in Italy but also internationally, and it is in this regard that the company has decided to expand its industrial site.

GUIDI SrlWork on the company’s expansion in the province of Novara is progressing, and when completed Guidi will get an overall increase of 40 percent with a total of 840 square meters added to the pre-existing 1990 square meters. The project on the Grignasco site, however, is not “only” about expansion, but also about energy upgrading and efficiency, Giudi has been very focused on green initiatives for sustainable development since 2008.

“In the planning phase of the work we also planned to install new vertical warehouses, in addition to those already in use, and more photovoltaic panels, which in our intentions should cover practically all the roofs of the plant. These will provide the company with an excellent degree of energy autonomy, in the name of increasing sustainability – says architect Andrea Guidi -The air conditioning and heating systems will also be revised, as well as the lighting system, which will be modified and become much more punctual, focused on individual production machinery. Finally, a centralized system for extracting processing and washing vapors will be installed to greatly improve the production environment. Once completed, Guidi’s expansion project will increase the floor space available especially-but not only-to key areas such as production, warehousing and shipping, and ensure greater “firepower” for the company.”

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