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Its name is ICE 82 Racer-Cruiser and it is already a declaration of intentions: a regatta boat which can do long cruises at the same time. In technical terms, nothing can impede to this new project by Umberto Felci and his staff to take happy shipowners around the world. But its appearance is that one of a boat destined to competition. In any case, whether it is a regatta or a cruising boat, the most important thing is high sea navigation.

” Planning has been focused in an “all-round” fast and comfortable boat – Studio Felci has affirmed – which allows long and safe navigation in any condition”

The hull is the result of the latest computational fluid dynamic researches (CFD), that is the analytical study of laminar flows through a latest generation software and the consequent experimentation.

Ice 82 has a large poop, quite low on the water, powerful astern entrances and a small main section. Tense lines, a little flared and an excellent shape stability-wet surface ratio.

ICE_82 - 02 (FILEminimizer)

This is the result of a precise research by Felci and his staff. The aim was to build a boat with the necessary offshore performances for both ocean and Mediterranean regattas.

Another important feature of the new Ice 82 is the very modern lifting keel which, with its 5 metres of immersion and almost 2 metres of excursion, allows not only great performances but also quite moorings in protected bays.

The long rudder blade has been projected in a central position. It allows simple and fast manoeuvres.

Construction will be totally executed in carbon fibres in order to obtain a total displacement under 30 tons.

The deck layout includes a double cockpit, with two completely watertight and independent entrances. This solution allows two different possible interiors arrangement, according to the customers’ choices and needs.

The first option includes an astern shipowners’ cabin with independent services, and other fore cabins, while the sailor’s cabin is accessible from outside.

ICE82_Int 1 (FILEminimizer)

Or,  you can have a fore shipowner’s cabin and the rest of the cabins on the opposite side, with the team zone connected to the kitchen and an astern entrance.

As regards style, you can choose between technological interiors, so lacquered and structural, or a classic but not too traditional solution, with not too many furniture in order to permit a fast transition from regatta to cruise.

In any case, the boat has a shipowner’s studio, a gym cabin and a jacuzzi shower.

Clear colours and large open spaces make interiors very bright.

Technical File:

Ft Length              24 m

Width               6.46 m

Draught                3,2 m – 5 m

Displacement           30.000 Kg

Engine                      190 Hp

Generator             13,5 Kw

Fuel Tank             1500 l

Water tank                      1.000 l

Mainsail                      190 sq. m.

Genoa                         150 sq. m.

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