Ice Yachts 53ss

Ice Yachts 53ss: the ‘bomb’ has taken off

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The new 53ss from Ice Yachts is on her way: the sportiest custom-built model of the yard has begun to take shape, and will be finished by this summer.

Crazy but impressive, the project aims to create an ultra-light craft capable of gliding over the water at record speed, without sacrificing the finish and elegance that are the hallmark of this amazing yard’s production.

The owner an important French sailor who already owned an Ice Yachts 52rs Evo – the most exasperated and sporty version of the 52-footer – decided he wanted even more. So the new 53rs started to be designed at the Italian shipyard: it had to be a unique boat, not exceeding 10 tonnes, pleasant and comfortable on board so that it would be easy to spend a holiday on it.

Ice Yachts has tailored everything, perfecting every small detail and trying to reduce the boat’s weight in any way possible by studying alternative solutions.

“It is a Marco-Malgara very exaggerated evolution of the 52, with an extra foot of length and a total lightening of over two tonnes compared to the standard 52 RS. The sail plan is larger than normal, the mainsail is super-top, the bowsprit is 20 cm longer compared to the Rs evo, the fin is 3.40 metres deep and the bulb is CNC-machined,” says Marco Malgara, owner of Ice Yachts. “I called her ‘the bomb’ because while the 52 is already the boat to beat in the category, this 53 ss is something more. To optimize the design we’ve halved the sea intakes, which do a minimum of friction, and I’m optimising and concentrating all the weights. Umberto Felci has made a completely new lamination for the boat and is studying an innovative, easy and very high performance deck plan. Basically, it’s a cruiser that can also successfully compete in races, but at the same time it’s a racer that can be a cruiser.”

A new concept with a dual personality: while it is capable of great sporting performance, it is equally comfortable and convenient. In fact, the layout includes many comforts: a double fridge, four double cabins, one more than the classic 52-footer for a total of eight berths, a galley and a comfortable dinette.

Ice Yachts 52
Ice Yachts 52

When racing, however, the 53ss is transformed: the doors are dismantled and the interiors are differentiated so that they can then be reassembled for cruising. In general there is a concentration of all the weights close to the bulb, even the bathrooms have been moved aft, unlike the classic version. The engine has also been moved forward by 3.5 cm compared to the standard in order to get closer to the boat’s centre of gravity, and there is a new rudder, which is very slim and longer than on the 52-footer, for a further increase in performance.

The main target for this 53ss is weight, the 10 tonne limit for a boat of this size, which also boasts comforts not usually seen on a racing boat, is really a great achievement. To get there, Marco Malgara and his team are adopting innovative and effective solutions to concentrate and minimize the kilograms:

“We are Ice-yachts-53ss-shipyard lightening the cabins and the installations, such as the electrical one, which is special with its silver wires that allow us to remove 15 kg… we are optimising,” says Marco Malgara. “Even the lamination type is different, we have a 3-step infusion, with special materials, with differentiated thermals and it’s all full-carbon. It will still have luxuries like electric toilets because just by moving the black water, we recovered 12 kg, and during the cruise it will also have a washing machine. Just by not having the stern door we recover a good 95 kg… and let’s remember that this model is also 34 cm longer.”

The new Ice Yachts 53ss is truly an ambitious project, which is sure to appeal to the most demanding sailors, those looking for incredible performance when racing and comfort and elegance when cruising.

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