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The deal of attention and enthusiasm Jeanneau shipyard devotes to its “smaller” boats is always as good as the efforts put into its luxury yachts. With the same accuracy, in fact, the shipyard renovates and enlarges its boat lines, designed for family trips, fishing experiences and yachting in general, with the (stated) primary objective to anticipate every new market trend.

With this spirit, and with a certain dose of pride, Jeanneau has announced the launch of new models for the upcoming season, especially as regards the historical Cap Camarat  jeanneau cap camarat 7.5 brfamily which has been including four different boat lines for years: the Bow Rider, inspired by the Scandinavian style but tailored to Mediterranean needs; the Center Console that, thanks to a pilot station located amidships, offers exciting performances along with funny fishing opportunities; the Day Cruiser, multipurpose and perfect for short-range summer cruises; and, finally, the Walk Around, designed to have fun and enjoy comfort on board.

The Cap Camarat line therefore represents the “outline” of Jeanneau outboard models and this is for this reason that it has become known as the “4×4 of the sea”.

However, inboard lines, too, have increasingly taken on crucial importance among Jeanneau’s creations. They are named Leader, NC and Velasco and they are as successful as the outboard cabin-equipped models of the shipyard, more suited to fishing trips (but perfect for cruises, too) and with evocative names: Merry Fisher and Merry Fisher Marlin.

The first novelty for the next year is the Cap Camarat Bow Rider 7.5. The latest series of the Cap Camarat line therefore presents its largest boat, a 7.5-metre model designed by Sarrazin Design and specifically devoted to family yachting.

More specifically, the driving console is located on the left, served by an anatomical seat designed to allow both seated and standing driving position.

jeanneau cap camarat 7.5 brSymmetrically, on the left, an additional seat is equipped with a glove compartment that replicates the console design, even if on a smaller scale.

Both pilot stations are sheltered by a generous windshield with a black border that – as typical in North-European small boats – can open centrally to allow safe access to bow sections. There, a sofa uses the whole perimeter of the area, only interrupted by a cabinet positioned just behind the anchor chain locker.

Abaft the already-mentioned seats, on the starboard side, a cabinet is entirely dedicated to pantry while a small L-shaped sofa on the left complete the layout of this zone.

The two small swimming platforms situated on the sides of fenders are extremely comfortable and well-arranged, with a nice swim ladder on the starboard side.

A 280-litre fuel tank and the 300 Hp motorization deliver excellent performances and appropriate fuel consumption.

The new Cap Camarat 7.5 BR will be officially presented at the next Cannes Yachting Festival and La Rochelle Boat Show. jeanneau cap camarat 9 wa

The second Jeanneau’s novelty is the Cap Camarat 9.0 Walk Around, that presents herself as the successor of an already successful racer: the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA.

In this case, the shipyard proposes an elegant cabin-equipped open model, with a hull designed by Michael Peters, openly designed for one-day or weekend family cruises and all the recreational activities suited for this type of boat.

The pilot station is positioned on the right and also includes a co-pilot’s seat. The twin seats are elegant and openly inspired by automotive engineering. More specifically, the pilot‘s seat allows a comfortable access to both the steering wheel and throttles in addition to proper view of the dashboard display.

On the left of the driving console, there are a small cabinet and the entrance opening to interiors. The whole zone, protected by a large enveloping windshield, is a little raised (one step) compared to the cockpit level. Rather jeanneau cap camarat 9 wa consollewide, the latter is furnished with a L-shaped sofa, served by a coffee table around which all guest can comfortably enjoy conviviality.

A steel gate restricts access to the stern swimming platforms which significantly expand the walkable surface of the boat.

On the left side of the Cap Camarat 9.0 WA, a short passage leads to the large fore sun pad and the technical zone devoted to anchorage maneuvers.

Interiors includes all sort of amenities and the result is a “complete” bright environment, equipped with a full-beam double bed in the stern, a convertible fore lounge that can be easily transformed into an additional double bed, a bathroom with separated shower box and even a “breakfast point”.

Two 200-litre fuel tanks and a 100-litre water tank provide the Cap Camarat 9.0 WA with a pretty significant range.

jeanneau cap camarat 9 wa interior jeanneau cap camarat 9 wa interior

Motorization options envisage a single 350 Hp engine or two 250 Hp ones. The official presentation of the Cap Camarat 9.0 WA is scheduled to take place in Cannes next September.

As we have already said at the beginning of the article, Jeanneau inboard motorboat line also includes the NC family that is characterized by some essential design concepts: a complete “outside-inside” two-way contact; a 360-degree panoramic view in every area of the boat; a single level for the living area and the galley, with a large entrance opening to the cockpit; a side door located next to the pilot station providing with great visibility and easy maneuvers.

The line, that currently includes models from 9 to 14 metres, will embrace the new NC 33, whose debut is scheduled to take place in Cannes next September. Boasting the innovation of jeanneau nc 33Garroni Design and extraordinary Michael Peters’ hull lines, the NC 33 is a boat openly designed for family cruises.

The cockpit is cozy and well-protected, with a sofa positioned on the left side that, thanks to the reclining backrest and the extension of the lower portion, can easily become a stern sun pad.

The swimming platform is accessible from the left side (there’s just one step) while a large gazed door gives access to bright interiors. Just after the entrance, a lounge furnished with a C-shaped sofa and a coffee table faces a kitchenette positioned on the right.

Huge windows and a large opening sunroof literally flood interiors with natural light.

The pilot station on the starboard side and a small sofa on the left frame the staircase leading to interiors.

In the night zone, the master cabin offers a large side-facing double bed while the Vip cabin is equipped with a full-beam one.

Equipped with a 517-litre fuel tank and a 170-litre water one, the boat is powered by a Volvo 2XD3 220 Hp engine.


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