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JEANNEAU YACHTS 65, 50 miles in absolute comfort

JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 is one of the models I have wanted to test since I first saw it at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Finally, I have the opportunity because the boat needs to be present at the Venice Boat Show.

The transfer to reach the Arsenal starts from the Marina of the Beneteau Group Shipyard in Monfalcone, a distance of just over 50 miles, but enough to test this flagship model of the French shipyard at sea, which is renewed in style and design every year.

We depart from the shipyard dock around 8 in the morning. The weather is not entirely favorable as a sunny day is expected, but with wind around 5/6 knots. On board with me are two people who know the boat inside out as they are responsible for the delivery and testing of the JEANNEAU YACHTS 65.

We exit the channel and start preparing the maneuvers to open the mainsail and Code Zero. Unfortunately, the wind does not arrive, and we are forced to continue on our route by motor. This model is equipped with a Volvo D4 175 hp engine, which is very quiet and has low fuel consumption despite the JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 having an empty displacement of 31 tons.

We are at 2000 RPM, and the instrument reads a speed of 9 knots with a consumption of just 8 l/h. The boat glides on the water, the wake is clean, and the hull caresses the surface. The instrumentation is symmetrically arranged on the two helm stations, with the exception of the engine controls, which are located on the starboard side, along with the bow and stern thrusters.


Around 10:30, a light breeze picks up, and we try to open the Code sail prepared earlier. The mainsail is sheeted to the cockpit, and thanks to the electric winch, we have no difficulty opening the sail, which on this JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 is furling.

The true wind is of seven knots at 40°, allowing us to sail on a broad reach. We trim the sails, and in no time, we’re at 6.5 knots. With the apparent wind, we manage to tighten our course, and for a good half hour, we enjoy this marvel. The JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 reveals its character, sailing without heeling, almost as if it wants to show us what it’s capable of. The helm is soft and responds without delay. The speed increases, and we manage to point up to 30°, reaching 8.7 knots.

stern view

Unfortunately, the course we are on is too tight for Venice, and the wind is again decreasing in intensity. We’re down to 4 knots of true wind, and as we bear away to get back on the right track, we realize we need to restart the engine. We leave the mainsail open to give us some lift, 1650 RPM, fuel consumption is 5.4 L/h, and the SOG reads 8.8 knots.


The interiors of this JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 are truly beautiful, bright, and welcoming. Both the aft owner’s cabin and the two forward cabins are spacious and comfortable.

In the dinette, the L-shaped galley on the port side is functional and allows for cooking in complete comfort. The large settee along the hull is so sizeable that it can be used as an additional bed. On the starboard side, the C-shaped sofa with a table can comfortably seat eight people when it’s too cold to dine outside.

Entering the aft cabin, you get the impression of being in a five-star hotel room. Light floods the entire space, and the JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 features another large sofa on the port side. On the starboard side, there are wardrobes and a small table with a swivel pouf, useful for working. The cabin is, of course, served by a bathroom with a separate shower, and here too, the finishes are worthy of a high-end hotel.

Also aft, just down the stairs on the starboard side, there is a cabin with bunk beds that can accommodate two people.

The soft colors and the choice of very light fabrics, in contrast with the dark flooring, make the environment warm and at the same time relaxing. Forward, as mentioned, the double and twin cabins are also very large with French beds, both served by a bathroom with a shower. The elegance of this JEANNEAU YACHTS 65 is absolute in every detail.

Jeanneau Yachts 65 exterior

Apparent Wind

True Wind













I return to the deck, and since the wind isn’t picking up, we have to continue under power. We’re only a few miles from our destination. At the stern, in front of the helm station of this JEANNEAU YACHTS 65, there are two enormous sun pads that, combined with the two chaise longues, form a lounge area suitable for dining, sunbathing, resting, or simply enjoying the scenery. Moving forward, I realize how much space there is and how easy it is to walk without impediments. This is thanks to JEANNEAU YACHTS eliminating obstacles with side walkways, removing any form of steps, and no longer requiring us to climb over seats as we used to. At the bow, it is also possible to request the shipyard to prepare for additional cushions to create a large sun pad comfortable for three people.

The mast is equipped with three slides for tightening or easing the halyards. Two are already rigged: one for the mainsail halyard and the other for the jib halyard. Since there’s an option to mount a staysail, the third slide can be used for this purpose.



 20.45 m


19.55 m


825 l 

Fresh Water

1000 l 


3 / 4 / 5 


175 HP


A12 / B13 / C18 / D20 


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