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The LTN 19 Hikari is the new rib built by the namesake Italian LTN shipyard based in Bergamo and owned by Ezio Agazzi and Giulio Sottocornola.

LTN Ribs was founded in 1995 as a support company for some prestigious brands involved into the building of this type of boats. After 20 years of experience, the company finally launches its first own-brand inflatable boat. The quality and proficiency standard achieved by the shipyard of Bergamo immediately leads the two partners to take a different route characterized by a high innovative technological content. Thus, a new series of ribs featuring an aluminum hull takes its places alongside the traditional line of ribs with fiberglass hull.

LTN19 Hikari battello

The 19 Hikari is the latest addition to the LTN home and will be the entry-level model over the larger LTN26 Venom and LTN34 Diamond, the two forerunners of the Aluminium Series. With a length of 5.80 m, the 19 Hikari takes benefit from all the technology already used on the 26′ and 34′ models. Both the hull and the superstructures, designed by Alessandro Chessa, will be made of aluminium 5083, particularly suited to the marine environment.

The LTN quality is the result of different details. First of all, the non-use of moulds offers a great modularity, especially in superstructures. The yard, in fact, is willing to customize even the small 19 Hikari. Then, the laser cut, the computerized folds and welding techniques, together with the use of three-layer polyacrylic paints provide the 19 Hikari with the same construction and anti-corrosion protection standards of her elder brothers.


LTN19 Hikari battello

Ceramic-based paints are used for the interiors of lockers and insulating material is present in each part where different materials match. Aluminum gives lightness, which translates into a 30% reduction in weight compared to the fiberglass equivalent: in other words, lower consumption and lower environmental impact.

Furthermore, as we know, in case of collision against a submerged object at high speed, aluminum tends to deform and not get broken, which increases the safety standard aboard. The customization possibilities of the LTN19 Hikari include different colours for the hull, the deck and Hypalon tubulars as well as pillows, of course.

The 19 Hikari has external aggressive lines and many details reflecting the family feeling of the series, such as: a large fore sun pad, a structural bowsprit (very useful in case of head-on moorings), the convertible backrest of the pilot’s seat which allows to create an additional astern sun pad. The rib will also equipped with a sliding awning. The whole deck is made of synthetic teak even aft where two half-swimming platforms protect the engine laterally and allow to get in the water.

Like on the other two ribs of the range, hull lines include a very sharp bow leaning forward which, together with the contribution of the astern tubulars, ensure a balanced attitude both in calm sea and in waves.

The 19 Hikari will have a very competitive price: maybe, a little more than 20 thousand euros.

The maximum power installable is 140 HP, sufficient enough to achieve excellent performances given the lightness of the boat. All the alumium parts are under 10-year warranty.

LTN19 Hikari battello



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